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This married woman keeps flirting with my boyfriend. What do I do?

My boyfriend is a server at a restaurant. There is this attractive woman who is also a server there. He is only 22 and she is 10 years older and... Show More

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  • For the record, you are a crazy girl! Anyway, you ought to trust your boyfriend. If you don't, your relationship won't last. You can talk to her, and tell her that you find her flirting with your boyfriend inappropriate. It would be better if your boyfriend talked to her. However, you're not going to stop your boyfriend from cheating if he chooses to cheat.

    • Hahaha I am not a crazy girl. We were already fighting and not on the best terms when this all happened. He actually always gives me crap for having friends that were guys, and that is what we were fighting over. However, we don't flirt. I looked at his phone which is something I am not proud of, and I will admit that was too much. If he is gonna cheat, then I can't stop that, you're right. It is just hard for me to accept that he has to work around her and she says those things to him.

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    • Yeah, I know that girls will approach him. I am alright with that. The thing that bothers me is that he sees her all the time and she texts him alot. Even though he didn't respond to the "I like u" thing, he still keeps talking to her because they are "friends." It seems as though she is taking it too far, and I want her to stop before she makes things worse. I just feel very disrespected. I don't want to be "crazy" and text her, but I don't know what else to do. Especially because she is marrie

    • You can talk to her woman to woman. Ask her what her intentions are with your boyfriend.

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  • i'm not too sure about the punching him in the face thing. its better to be upfront and honest with him about how you feel and what you found out (on his phone). this woman is a hag and I'd personally go punch her in the face not my boyfriend. I'd tell her to back off and go home to her husband and family. she has no right to be flirting with your boyfriend like that. its inappropriate especially because she's married. not to mention her complete lack of professionalism around the workplace. not only would I threaten to tell her husband but I'd threaten to blow the wistle on her to management where they work. some employers actually take sexual harassment in the workplace very seriously regardless if its a man or (older) woman. don't get mad get even. payback's a bitch! and so is she :o)

    • I'm having the same situation with my boyfriend but under different circumstances. and I completely agree with you! I just wanna punch her! lol

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