Ignoring someone you like?

Ignoring someone you like?

Guys, this one's for you. Do you ever purposely ignore a girl your into just to see how she reacts? If you do, why??

Girls, same question to you. Have you ever ignored a guy you're into?

Kindvt - no we have not. We are actually both seeing other people. Its just weird to me, because when we do talk there is a definite spark. What's weird is sometimes he will come up to me first and be and be really outgoing and then ignore me the next day


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  • I would never do that to someone I care about. Right now I am being ignore by the person I planned to spend my life with, we used to look at different places we wanted to live after we got married one day. It hurts me being ignored more than if she said she just didn't love me anymore. I don't know how someone can disconnect there feelings from going from planning post marriage and future life events with a person to cutting them out of there life completly out of the clear blue.

    There are days I feel fine and then there are days where I sit thinking what I could of done to deserve this. Where we went wrong and there are days I feel like I rather be dead knowing I had something so amazing and so great and that it was just tooken from me. I try to make contact with her but the longer I go without hearing from her I figure she is getting farther and farther from the time she said she loved and cared about me. It's to the point now where even if we did get back together I don't think it could ever be the same because I would always know she could abruptly ignore me again.


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