Ignoring someone you like?

Ignoring someone you like?

Guys, this one's for you. Do you ever purposely ignore a girl your into just to see how she reacts? If you do, why??

Girls, same question to you. Have you ever ignored a guy you're into?

Kindvt - no we have not. We are actually both seeing other people. Its just weird to me, because when we do talk there is a definite spark. What's weird is sometimes he will come up to me first and be and be really outgoing and then ignore me the next day


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  • I would never do that to someone I care about. Right now I am being ignore by the person I planned to spend my life with, we used to look at different places we wanted to live after we got married one day. It hurts me being ignored more than if she said she just didn't love me anymore. I don't know how someone can disconnect there feelings from going from planning post marriage and future life events with a person to cutting them out of there life completly out of the clear blue.

    There are days I feel fine and then there are days where I sit thinking what I could of done to deserve this. Where we went wrong and there are days I feel like I rather be dead knowing I had something so amazing and so great and that it was just tooken from me. I try to make contact with her but the longer I go without hearing from her I figure she is getting farther and farther from the time she said she loved and cared about me. It's to the point now where even if we did get back together I don't think it could ever be the same because I would always know she could abruptly ignore me again.


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  • Its not really ignoring..its just getting space like a breather, helps me think about the relationship and how to respond back respectfully,if someone your with is ignoring you than there is a problem with that, I will not be ignored.

  • Some girls I'm interested in I ignore just to see if they have any interest in me.. so when they show interest I stop to ignore....pretty much, I am shy

  • most of the time it's because I'm too shy to make the first move. I know hindsight is 20/20 but I always wonder about all those times I was too much of a panzi to make a move, what could've been.

  • I'm 17, and a male.

    Personally I would normally not ignore someone I have feelings for. Although there is this girl, we had a thing and even went to prom of 2009.

    It started out as her friend suggesting to me that I should ask her to prom, I thought she was pretty cool at that time so I did. We went to the prom and we both enjoyed ourselves and were happy. That summer I didn't make any efforts to contact her, because I wanted to give her space and take things slow, and for the fear I was moving away.

    After the summer ended, I didn't move away and we did end up hanging out a few times during the summer. She went to a school-sponsored camp that summer also. In december of 2009, I asked her out after talking to the same friend of hers (I know she had a thing for me at that time for sure), we went out and 2 days later she dumped me. About a month later I found out that another friend of hers had feelings for me and started to treat her very bitterly and she dumped me because of that. We kinda had an on-off type of relationship for the next few months, until late May came along, and she confessed to me that she had feelings for another guy she met at her camp, and had for a few months but apparently did not tell me due to not wanting her father to find out.

    Of course I took this the wrong way at the time and was under the impression she used to me hide her secret, but it turns out her Father had thought I was a nice kid and was pressuring her into dating me (which I guess eventually turned her against me). Things were kind of the same between us the next few months after we explained stuff to each other better and more clearly.

    After summer of this year, I've attempted several times to keep in touch with her, but she's started avoiding and ignoring me. Now it almost seems like she purposly flirts with other guys in front of me to try and make me jealous, so for the past month or so I've been starting to ignore her more and try to move on (I come from a rural area, not many girls to pick from :S). Since then she's started to try and flirt with me several times, but still ignores me on places such as Facebook and such. I sent her a message asking her if I did anything that turned her against me or such, and she said that I never did anything. She won't talk to me about why she's been acting like this or anything, so I just kind of gave up.

    So yeah, ignoring someone in my opinion will get someone's attention, but also could hurt them in the process. I'd personally call it giving them space, but some people are just weird and won't explain anything. It may work for some people, but if they truly have feelings for you, I doubt they'd enjoy that too much.

  • No I never ignore a girl that I am into. I figure the time I spent ignoring a girl is the time some other dude is spending hitting on that girl. I want it to be in her head that I like her and want her. I don't ever want her thinking that I just want to be friends.

  • The same way girls play games with guys emotions, why?


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  • The only reason why I've ignored a guy in the past is because I REALLY REALLY liked him and was too nervous to acknowlege him. So, my shyness may have come across as "aloofness". If I didn't like him like that at all it would be easy for me to look at him, talk to him, approach him, etc.

    I usually only "ignore" guys when I'm really nervous/shy to talk to them because I like them a LOT and either I"m not sure how he feels about me, or I sense that he's not that interested in me anyway. :-/

    But I never just ignore guys on purpose to be mean, or just to see how he will react. That's stupid IMO, and playing games.

    • Wow! You couldn't of said it any better! lol I do the same things with girls all the time! Weird huh?

  • It's kind of a game in the beginning. I never do it passed the third week of a relationship, but I'll ignore a guy for a day or so just to see if it drives him crazy.. it kind of shows how often he thinks about you, I guess.

  • I've ignored guys before. I'm shy and pretty much a commitment phobe. I tend to self-sabotage myself, which I should stop doing.

  • If I like the guy, I won't ignore him but I will get very quiet. So people immediately translate is as me being aloof and not interested, when in reality it is the opposite)) I have all these emotions and desires underneath my skin about the person I'm most shy with :)

  • Heck I run from hi . I just am a wreck around him, afraid I guess. Its' funny cause I can talk to him as long as he isn't too close to me. Too close, like walk into my work with him and I run the other way. Other times I see him I start shaking. He has many different effects on me...Sometimes I'm scared, sometimes I start shaking, meaning I get nervous, other times I am confident and have actually been able to touch him.

    • You and I are two peas in a pod. I do the same exact thing. I can be so confident and then other times I shake like a leaf and studder, its like I have no control over my body. Same guy too. I don't know why I am like this.

    • Mee too, I don't know how to overcome this

    • :) That's adorable. Probably not good, but adorable.

  • boys in my opinon definitely do it its happeing right now to me fair enough I told you I like you but please don't ignore it,

    but then I do it when someone says I'm pretty or something, etc.

    even through I like the guy,

    likeing people is confusing :)

  • You are both seeing other people? Well I would not make a move until I found out how serious he was about the other girl. You must not be happy in the relationship you are in if you are interested in this guy. I think the only reason he would ignore you is he could get in trouble if the other girls friends saw him talking to you? But I am starting to understand do guys will ignore if they need space to think.

  • Ok have you and this guy been on a date yet? If not it might help the guy to make the next move if you show interest in him by talking to him every chance you get. Me and this guy have been on more than 4 dates and now I am ignoring him waiting for him to make the next move so I don't look foolish.

  • It is a very bad deed to do.

  • I really don't do that it's kinda childish to me

  • It may seem dumb, but the only reason I sometimes ignore a guy that I like is b/c I am too shy to talk to him. Yet, if I don't really like a guy, there are no inhibitions.