Girls are you offended if a guy calls you a nice person?

i told one girl that and she took it the wrong way? I got the impression that her being nice was insulting


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  • Not at all, being a nice person is something that I'm very proud of and I love it when other people compliment my demeanor. You might have unknowingly used a tone in your voice that made it sound sarcastic, she may be hypersensitive, or the type to not be able to take a compliment (low self-esteem types to be like "Pff, yeah right." instead of "Thanks")


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  • a lot of people think that being called nice is a pleasant way of saying 'you're not attractive'. I see a lot of posting from guys on this site about this subject as well. I suppose if you already are self conscious about the way you look, then you may take this compliment as an insult. so, if you are interested in this girl, or wish to make her feel better, I would compliment her appearance next time. I personally think that a compliment about my personality and/or intelligence is far better than one about my looks, but I've never been all that self conscious about that way I looked.

  • maybe its becasue she likes you and the last thing she wants you to think of her is a nice person.Being called a nice person mean you just want to be friends and that's why she took it to offense.Also maybe she views that you are lieing to her by calling her a nice person when in her own eyes she's not.

  • She was probably looking for something else, if you think about it 'nice' isn't really 'amazing' or 'kind' or 'lovely'. It's just nice. Like 'oh, that's nice'. I know this sounds really stupid, but it's how girls work. Any kind of compliment gets judged, like 'What does he mean by that?'. Crazy but true!

  • Personally, I wouldn't be offended at all. In fact I love it when people call me nice :) It's what I strive to be.

  • no

  • People tell me I'm too nice and I don't mind it I actually love it when people call me nice because if people think I'm horrible and mean I would care what they'd think

  • I'm pretty confused about what a guy means when he says a girl is nice, the reason I say this is because guys and girls probably tend to interpret the word in different manners. A guy I crushed on told my friend that I'm really nice, so that suggested to me that he was being freindly and probably didn't find me attractive.

  • would you be offended if a girl called you a nice person?

    • Normally I wouldn't, but it depends on the intentions of the girl

  • she's just a little bitch...don't worry about it!

  • I wouldn't get insulted, but then again she might have thought you were putting her in the friend-zone by saying that.

    • I see, because I think she likes me. but why would me complimenting her think of another. I was merely complimenting her for standing by her friends

    • Well in your mind it might be a compliment. In her mind its I think your a really nice person but...

      Just next time you see her ask her to hangout flirt a little. Let her know you didn't mean it like that.

    • I completely agree with this answer.

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  • She should not be offended.

  • I have to agree w Xenophobia. Nowadays, the word "nice" is a cop-out, a default response, a word you use to describe something you consider "blah", but don't want to be rude to that person. When a females describes me as "nice", to be honest I get slightly offended. Why? Because I think, "You couldn't use another term to describe me? Nice is so blah." I'd rather be called "sweet" than "nice" lol.

    I think this girl thinks that, by you saying she's "nice", that she "doesn't strike your fancy", & therefore you're uninterested.

    This is why I try to avoid using the word "nice". It's connotation is all screwed up nowadays, & leads to mis-communication. Tell this girl she's "cute", "sweet", "adorable" or "bubbly"...all are better than "nice".

  • nice is an insulting word. It's a pleasant way of saying, your "friendly" but I don't like you like that.

    Same goes for guys. Girls don't realize that there's a difference between a nice guy and a good guy. Being a nice guy is an insult, being a genuine guy is what you want to be called.

    • I highly agree with this answer. The word "nice", to me at least, is like someone saying "hey I feel obligated to say something but I'm not really interested so it's 'nice' ". It may have started out as a word to seek out, but it's been overused and actually has a neutral/negative connotation to it these days. It's like being called average when you strive for something more. There are so many more options over "nice", avoid the word if you can.