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Why are guys scared of me?

I think that guys are scared of me. I’ve noticed that no guy has actually taken the time to get to know me. I’ve never had a boyfriend, or even a guy... Show More

I don't dress like a slut.

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  • You're probably very attractive and smart. Yeah, looks aren't everything, but you most likely are intimidating because you really are that good looking. I am a female and I get annoyed that pretty girls get put in the corner. I've told many of friends that society has done a great injustice to men because they no longer communicate effectively with females. Suprise, they gawk and stare, but don't have the audacity to come up to you, and pursue you the way you deserve. Women should sometimes make a move as well, which it seems you are friendly and make conversation so that isn't an issue. Continue being yourself and don't stoop for some bozo like the one who harassed you. Some of these men can be deranged at times. An intelligent guy worth your time will come along, I promise.

    • Thank you!

What Guys Said 3

  • probaly ugly...

  • It's definitely possible you're just very pretty and guys are intimidated. Sometimes good looking people receives surprisingly little attention because everyone else thinks they're already taken, or not within their league.

  • maybe you just come off as cold?

    how old are you exactly?

    • I'm 20.

What Girls Said 4

  • Who ever told you you should be a model is retarded your far to short sorry just a side note.

    Just because your small doesn't mean your good looking. Plus looks aren't everything you probably have a sh*t personality and no sense of humor. Don't get all p*ssy I don't know you so just saying what it could be. There definitely not scared you probably just have bitch tattooed to your forhead

    • If you don't know her how do you know there not scared/intimindated. if you're good looking intimidation is always a possibilty. the rest of what you said is true though. they also do have models all the way down to 4'9, she just wouldn't be able to do like runaway modeling and stuff

    • Wow someone is lashing out. way to be pathetic

    • Wow, you sound like an ugly, bitter, and used up female and your comment was pointless please stop the hating. You mad because this isn't your situation. Now you sound like the true B****!

  • I would say then take the initative on a conversation - ask them how their day was, weekend, did they see the latest movie, smile, eye contact, then walk away. try that for a few weeks see where that goes...

  • You're probably really pretty, but you're not outgoing enough. If all you do is respond blandly and not initiate conversations or joke around, boys will move on to more gregarious girls.

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