Feels rejected?

I am very curious, what does a guy do when he feels rejected, discouraged and sad? Does he hides it, put up a front, or ?


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  • Why do you need to know this? Are you planning on rejecting a man? Have you ever been rejected? How did it make you feel? You probably have not been rejected as men are pigs who will hit on or have sex with whatever they can get so yeah, you probably don't which is the problem I think women should be more desperate for affection then they would understand how it feels to be alone and unwanted but with all the rich scum out there willing to pay for sex and time and the women who worship their money the world will continue to become more and more messed up. Most guys will put up a front and say: "I don't need no bitches" like some retarded rap superstar. And ALL guys get sad if they really had feelings for the girl. I have lost a girl and for 5 years have been heartbroken because that person was my person, they were my other half and now I am screwed. I loved her so intensely and passionately and she hates me that is what hurts most of all, if you can just don't be a bitch about it and no one has to get hurt.

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      Dude, I know you're damn hurting right now and I don't blame you for being so harsh here, though I was really taken aback. The thing is, I am NOT planning to reject a man! Please don't get me wrong! The reason why I'm asking this is, bcos it all started from a huge misunderstanding between us and now he's e one treating me so coldy. You know how bad it hurts for me?? I think abt it everyday, what I did wrong and I even let down everything to assure him. I feel so pain and uninportant to him!