Guys like a challenge.. What exactly does that mean?

Do guys want girls to act aloof even if they are interested? but then most guys I talk to say they hate games... so what exactly is the "challenge" that you are talking about?


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    And one that I think girls misunderstand alot.

    The challenge that guys want is two fold. First, is that guys want a girl that they feel 99% of guys couldn't get. The guy wants to feel special for getting something that none of his friends could get.

    Think about some of the activities guys do for leisure. Sports - competition trying to be number, hunting - thrill of the chase trying to get the best, fishing - same as hunting, Video Games - always playing to be the best.

    Guys will hang a deer head on their wall, and will proudly display pictures of trophy fish they've caught because they know not just anyone can get a catch like that.

    Its the same with girls...

    Now there are two different challenges guys have with girls.

    Those girls that are really hott and go out 4 times a week, and have 2,000 photos on facebook are the kind of girls that a guy wants to Sleep with, just to say, Yeah I got that! But guys DO NOT want to be in any kind of a relationship with this type of girl, they just want to conquer her sexually. this isn't a good type of challenge to strive for as a girl because you will get used and abused.

    Think about it... All those girls that are out EVERY weekend, ARE ALWAYS SINGLE! THere is a reason for that.

    The other challenge, is for your naturally pretty, wear no makeup and still be cute, girl next door kind of chick. This is the girl who is down to earth, doesn't sleep around, respects herself, and has morals. These are the types of girls that guys want the challenge of getting them to be their girlfriend. Because as a guy, we know these girls don't fall for every player that comes along spitting game. We know she chose us because of our personality, and not many guys could her.

    So those two examples are the first type of challenge. The challenge of conquering a hot chick or getting a good girlfriend.

    Guys want to feel they are special and they got something no one else could have.

    I had a little house party once and we had about 6 guys and 5 girls there. One girl was new to the group and was looking really attractive. A few of the guys were talking about her, and saying they were interested in her. It was like a competition, who could get the new pretty girl.

    Well this girl straight up walks up to four of us. And I'm going to be kind blunt here, I just broke up with my Boyfriend of two years and I'm looking to get some action. Anyone down?

    Now you would think there would be a fight of all four us saying, hell yeah, who doesn't want easy action from an attractive girl.

    Not a single guy there wanted anything to do with her after that comment. WHY?

    Because she didn't make any guy feel like he won, she didn't care who it was, so no guy wanted her.

    The same is true for relationships

    Some girls think. God I just want a BF

    The right girl thinks, "I really want to meet a great guy!"

    Big difference in mindset... Guys will want to compete for the second!



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      I think my friend has that problem, when she gets asked out, it's because the guy wants a one-night stand...She doesn't exactly dress conservatively, and I've told her that and the way she converses with people gives off the wrong impression...

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      Thanks! And yeah a lot of girls fall into the one-night stand rut or the one date and never hear from him again routine because they think just because a guy wants them sexually, that he wants them for more than that. There are two totally separate games being played. And guys really don't want to date girls that give it up easy...

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      i just noticed I'm just like guys :O