Why do guys like to put their head in their girlfriends lap?

does it go back to their early relationship with their mother? or are thighs just super comfortable? other?


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  • Couldn't tell you. I don't.

  • Oedipal connections have nothing to do with this, it's an expression of intimacy. Plus...a lot of us really, really like to do it.

  • It has nothing to do with my early relationship with my mom. Thighs are just super comfortable, just like a soft pillow. :-P Besides this, it gives me the excitement of my face close to her vagina. :-P And in this position I can talk to her while looking at her face and boobs ;-)

  • Can't you just be happy we're doing it? lol

  • It has nothing to do with my mother. It's a way to be intimate with a girl. Get close to her, look into her eyes, and relax. Do we always have to be in a dominate position, or can't we have that one girl we can be vulnerable to?


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