How do I tell a married man to back off?

So I ran into this guy who is already married but it's pretty obvious he is a massive flirt and somewhat a show off. I treated him very normally and kept a little distance from him in respect to his wife. But he was like way too forward, doing everything to grab my attention.. staring right into my eyes...trying to touch me.. and sort of behaving like he is still available. I was really uncomfortable and I don't know how to subtly ask him to back off.


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  • I had a similar experience.. at first during conversations, I subtly hint that I think he is moral-less, and then I ignored him, then he backed off


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  • tell him to BACK OFF! , either he is player!, or he might not be happy with his marrige, but married man that aren't happy with their marriage don't chase girls like that... he's a player, and even if you start a relationship with him being married he is going to hurt you and leave you at the end, he just want to suck the hell out of you...

  • maybe you shud record him using your mobile phone and then let his wife listen to the recording

    . I no it sounds far fetched but it can work. he'll be caught in the act.

  • Why be subtle? This guy seems like an ass, tell him that...

    • The thing is he is very good friends with my friend/boss. I am interning at this place where my senior from school is the boss.. and this guy is really good with him. I don't want to make it awkward.

    • You didn't make it awkward, he did when he hit on you.

  • Fvck-off assshole works.


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