What type of guys like shy, sweet girls?

I'm a little shy when people first get to know me and my friends all describe me as sweet, caring, and cute. I'm pretty modest as well. I have a really soft voice too. All the guys that I have seen seem to like the outgoing flirty types though. Whenever I like a guy and I try to get to know him it seems like he picks the outgoing girls over me. I was wondering what type of guys like girls like me.


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  • You have to understand that in high school and even the first too years of college, immaturity still exists. Also, girls tend to mature more quickly than boys. To support this, there is a part of the brain known as the pre-frontal cortex. It is the part of the brain responsible for making decisions and does not fully finish developing until the early to mid twenties.

    At those ages, many guys will go for a girl that talks seductively to them for no reason or starts flirting with them. However, the shy and caring guys tend to be the more mature ones. It takes a lot to be yourself and not roll with the crowd. You're looking for someone who's understanding, compassionate and dates like an adult- not a child.

    It is the guys that represent this minority (which just happens to usually be the garden of Eden if you're looking for a guy compatible to someone like you) that will fall for you in a heart beat.



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  • Um lets see... EVERY GUY! I don't know a guy who doesn't

  • are you chubby? if yes that's the poblem, not everyone likes chubby girls :P

  • Usually shy guys are more likely being with shy girls at end. I personally don't care about girl's looking that much once you are not look like an alien. Shy guys are more caring and more thoughtful. There are introvert who are flirting and outing as they seem.


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  • Just the nice guys.

  • I am just like you. Don't think there is a certian type of guy though. It just depends on the guy. My last boyfriend was the complete opposite of me. He was very out spoken and always had tons of energy. He claimed he loved trying to get me out of my shell and know the real me. Maybe the guy you're talking about just didn't like the challenge.

  • Depends. There's no one set group of guys who specifically ike shy, sweet girls.