What do guys mean when they use the "blushing smiley face" emoticon? Is this the new winky face?

I like this guy and we've been on a couple of dates. He's SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER shy and taking his time. As far as I know, he has not dated anyone seriously before (I asked his friends). He's extremely good looking, but I guess due to the shyness he never had a serious gf. He's the type of guy that is too shy to even text you first. But when you text him, he answers immediately, is super sweet, and is happy to come to anything i invite him to. I'm pretty sure he likes me. He had been sending me some cutsey smiley faces before, but today he sent me a blushing smiley face in response to a comment I made that was fairly sweet and caring to him. I'm kinda surprised because I don't even know how to type that emoticon and I'm a girl! I feel like this is some advanced level emoticon that I don't expect guys to know or useā€¦ Anyway, when a guy texts you smiley blushing faces, what does it mean? Is it better than a smiley face? Is it like a windy face?


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  • I think he likes you, go for it but my advice would be, take it reaaaal sloooooow feel me?
    I use to be that way and still am :( a bit shy and stuff, and I'm in the army !!! and I use to like many girls, but if they come at me BAM !!! I like you or sleep with me or you know, I freak out and run away from them.

    • thank you! but could you please tell me how slow is ok slow vs too slow? I really like this guy, and I want to one day have a relationship with him. But I'm not sure as to how slow is good slow for shy guys. we've been on 3 alone dates (fourth planned for next week) and multiple hangouts with friends. this has been going on for about 8 weeks. he did ask me out first though but since then i've been doing all the asking myself.

    • ad we haven't kissed or anything. no physical contact :( not even a hug!

    • As in take it step by step.

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