Why does this girl always look like she is angry at me when I look at her or try to talk to her?

I talked to this girl twice, but I stopped talking to her because I made her nervous and she walked away with this other guy, I thought I creeped her our by the way. Any ways since I stopped talking to her, every time I talk to her or try to talk to her, she always looks like she is angry at me, I really don't know why.

Do you guya have any idea what is going om?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wow, it can mean many things. Either she isn't interested in you or she's shy and doesn't know how to react. Its funny because your story is similar to mine. Like we only talked twice and well that's it. The first time it was only a brief conversation, he was working and I gave him my phone number because I had to renew my plan. The second time was also brief because I had to go see if a store was closed and we were smiling and everything. And when I see him like I want to talk to him but I don't because I'm a bit shy. So whenever I look at him I just put on a blank face and he doesn't smile or anything. See in my situation I want to talk to him. I would like to be friends but I end up getting shy and walk away. I would like to tell you that she might be shy like me but I don't want to be wrong and at the end she does get mad or something. If you really want to be friends with her then try. You might see her and try to get closer to her. I can't because I haven't seen him in a week. He might have left or got a new job, :( lol. but if she doesn't want to, don't let that depress you or anything. She might not be a people person.