Why do Men resent the Women they can't have?

I dated a man, liked him alot--possibly to the point of love, but I know their still is potential there. However, he always gave me a player vibe, and although I accept him and have never ever tried to change him, I did not want to get involved with someone like that. Instead of respecting my decision, ever since we decided to be friends, he has not been the same. We went to the movies and after the movie he kept talking about how the guy got the girl, then how all these beautiful women kept chasing him which made me uncomfortable, then he talked about how his friend thinks him and his roommate have something, just continuously talking about other girls. Then he invited me to his baseball game today, saying how I should come, I come and watch him, then after the game he says he didn't think I was going to come. He asked me how long I was there for, which I knew he already knew because when I sat on the bleachers walking in, I saw him see me. I give him a ride home, I try to start a conversation and have him engage but he is really quiet and awkward, looking at his phone, then saying how he needs to listen to a voice mail. We get to his house and he does not even thank me for the ride but asks me instead What I am doing tonight? , I say nothing probably just going home, he gets his stuff and says okay we will hangout soon bye. I just felt it was rude when I did not need to give him a ride yet he does not even thank me as his friend.

This is not the person I like, ever since we agreed to friends, he exaggerates how girls are all over him, he mentioned how much money he makes on the way home, then he does not have the same attitude or spirit, he just seems depressed and angry and bitter. I was laughing and having a great time at the game, then when I talked to him after the game, he seemed not excited to see me.

Continuously looking at his phone, not engaging in conversation, just saying yea and okay, talking about other girls in front of me, mentioning money, being rude and not thanking me, acting like he has other plans and places to be when I am with him

I am not sure I can continue the friendship because I am not the kind of person to treat someone else bad even if they treat me bad. I try to rise above it every time but honestly I don't know how much more I can take. He wants to hangout but what reason do I have to hangout when all he does is try to make me feel like I should regret my decision to be in a relationship with him.

I have my reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship with him. We have a strong connection, no doubt about it, very strong, love strong, but I feel like I am not missing anything being with him.

I care about him a lot and before he started to act like this, he told me he did not care if he was my boyfriend or not, but that he just wanted to be in my life. He is in my life, as a friend, yet treats me like crap. I don't get it. He asked me to be his girlfriend twice and both times I said no By the way.

Why do Men resent the Women they can't have?
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