Shy guys, would you shake a girl's hand a the end of a night if you liked her?

I went out recently with my crush, some of my friends and some of his friends, at the end of the night when he was saying bye he put his hand out to shake mine. I have told him I like him. Would you do this if you liked the girl back. SHY GUYS ONLY.


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  • As a shy guy, I would probably be more likely to smile and wave goodbye...unless the girl initiated something else, like a hug.

    But every guy is different. I could see how a more formal guy, who wasn't sure what to do, might end up shaking your hand instead.

    The hand shake indicates uncertainty, like he didn't know if this was like a date...or if this was the first time he'd had a chance to be with you, he doesn't know what the next step is. It could even mean he's still processing everything.

    It could, of course, also mean something negative, like he's not that comfortable stepping outside of the friendship territory with you, or doesn't see you that way.

    But it certainly doesn't have to mean that. You have to look at other signs to see if he's telling you he's not comfortable being more than a friend, or if he likes you but he's a bit confused about how to proceed because he's shy.

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      What other signs would indicate that we are definitely just friends?

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      Most likely, he has some romantic interest in you then. But he may also be confused. It was probably easier to talk to you when he thought you only wanted to be friends. If he's been acting skiddish, then the handshake may actually be a step in a positive direction, because subconsciously it's an affirmative gesture. The question is what he's affirming.

      Also, if he really was not interested in you at all, he'd act more like a mouse trying to avoid you than a curious cat.

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      I asked a question on here recently about how to nicely reject a guy. The most common answer guys gave me is to say I had a boyfriend. So I'd say if he lies to you about having a girlfriend he probably isn't interested in you, or just doesn't want a relationship or something.