Does sticking a pencil in someone's butt crack count as assault?

I'm 17 and I recently remembered this incident that happened when I was about 10. I was sitting on the floor in an English lesson, and I was really fat so my trousers didn't go all the way up and they went further down when I sat down, so my bum crack was showing. A while later, I felt a sharp pain in my crack and it made jump a bit, then I found out that 2 boys sitting behind me who had made fun of me stuck a pencil in there, and years later even to this day they still laugh at me! People usually laugh but are a bit shocked/disgusted when I tell them this story and looking back it is kind of funny though! Someone even said once that this is assault. Does that count?


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  • This has got to be the best question I ever read here on GAG.