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Does sticking a pencil in someone's butt crack count as assault?

I'm 17 and I recently remembered this incident that happened when I was about 10. I was sitting on the floor in an English lesson, and I was really... Show More

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  • I mean it is assault. At 10 years old more than likely you'll just have a teacher reprimand them rather than trying to press charges at that age.

    But any violation of a person's personal space is considered assault and if the action is sexual in nature then it is even more likely to be seen as such

  • If they were your age at the time then no, it wasn't sexual assault. Unfortunately, kids will be kids.

  • It was 7 years ago and they were 10... Let it go. When I was 10 some jackass smacked me on the back of the head when we were doing our after lunch walk around the bus circle. So I chased him down and slammed his face into a brick wall. We both got referrals yada yada yada. Life goes on. Was it assault? Sure... Do I care about it. No not at all, it's part of growing up.

  • You should take one of your pens and shove it up their ass... sideways.

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