The GAG community feels less and less like a community and just "a bunch of GAGers", and here's why

You might have noticed that a bunch of people have left. Most of them GURUs, Level 9s and MASTERs.

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There's a reason for that. Most people choose to leave, I personally think it's better to discuss the problem. Although that's wishful thinking: the lack of discussions is part of the problem in the first place.

BEFORE WE GO ON, let's discuss what GAG used to be worth sticking around for

Everyone has thought about "hey, I spend way too much time on this site! I should probably do something else". But back then, people thought this was still a better way to spend the time. Why is that? What was what kept people here?

If you ask me, it's the discussions, the debates, the "popular" questions where someone asked an odd question, and got 20 detailed answers from each sex! But not just "what is your favorite color" type of deals.

For example, this question Why don't Islamic women realize they are being oppressed and stripped of their freedom, and instead run away and become atheists?

It got 54 opinions, but not only that, look at the lengthy discussions in opinion comments!

It's a legitimate discussion. It's a debate. People actually seemed like they cared.

Nowadays, it feels like they don't.

1. Gender-based restriction limiting the content available

The GAG community feels less and less like a community and just

I'm not sure if this needs any additional explanation, but I literally screencapped these questions next to each other on the feed, it's not photoshop or anything.

I already had a take on this, and I still think it was a terrible idea.

2. Ability to add opinions directly from the feed

3. The fade-out effect on opinions that are longer than FOUR LINES (or, God forbid, uses paragraphs), essentially punishing anyone who makes a lengthy, detailed answer

4. Filters and other feed changes that have made it difficult to see questions that the community finds interesting

Let's list the problems here, shall we?

  • The age and sex filters are somewhat arbitrary, I hope people don't overuse it
  • Changing it to QUESTIONS makes you be able to see only "Asked" events, but you cannot see "commented on" and "updated" events
  • Changing it to ALL POSTS makes you be able to see "commented on" events as well, but it's available only on the My Feed, and it's pretty obscure and unintuitive (I had to check that just for this take to make sure, heh)
  • People who set it so they only see the questions of those they follow are going to talk to a tiny minority of people
  • If you set a filter, it doesn't actually get you any more pages, I literally had only 3 results on this page after I set these filters you see on the image (I think that's a bug.)

Mostly, the biggest problem is that the filters are not customizable. The Site Feed is not notified on "commented" events anymore and cannot be set to be that way, and also doesn't show updates! Essentially questions are dead the moment they are asked.

5. Low XPER rewards facilitate short low-effort answers, often one-sentence answers; quantity over quality (hand in hand with the fade-out effect)

This is the biggest problem, people gather XPER for the sense of progression - but the only way that's possible is by making MANY answers. It doesn't matter whether that's a 2000 character answer or just a ~100 character tweet.

We are basically not answering each other, we're just writing tweets!!!


I believe the solution would be, instead of coming up with new ways how to block people from having a discussion and answering in general (anonymous people can just halt debates by blocking EVERY comment on a given opinion); we should instead try to facilitate opinion comments, discussion, communication between people.

I think OPINION COMMENTS should be rewarded by 1 XPER each.

I also think OPINIONS should be rewarded with +2 XPER if the character count is over 1000.

I think we should also remove this fade thing because it honestly makes it tedious to read anything that's longer than a three-line answer, or has paragraphs in it.

I think there should be a way to see what's been selected as Trending.

I think questions that are updated should appear on the Site Feed.

I think the customizability of the previous search conditions (ability to see where someone selected an MHO, commented, updated, etc.) was a lot better, and it should be definitely brought back.

I think GAG should facilitate asking both sexes instead of just one (+1 XPER for asking a question that's asked at both sexes).

I think GAG should focus on building the community that provides multiple points of view and engages in mature discussion, rather than facilitate creating your own little personal space where everyone's patting your back and nobody ever disagrees with you. If we stick to the same beliefs throughout our lives and rely on "that's what I've been told" rather than through actual facts, we will never improve as people.

We should just... discuss things in general. Rather than tweet at the question asker, then carry on - never bothering to read the opinions of others. Talk to each other. Discuss things.

Like in the good old days.


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What Girls Said 27

  • I hate the fade out thing!

    My computer hates me at times and will stuff up on me, meaning every now and then it won't let me open the comment boxes to let me read the comment in full.

    I almost always write long comments, unless it's just an idiot who I'm calling out on their shit. So when my computer doesn't let me read my own comment, I just. . . grgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgaehgdugfsfuagrouahrgru3igjlaebgaerlbjrgblaejkkraeb. jvhgvhgfgvmhjbkhfxbnvmhbjcgvmnbfghtfjhvgfgsersfawrtyi7yfjhkhvnchftjhvncf.

    • I also hate the way the site decides that once you've posted an opinion you no longer care.
      I want to read the other responses dammit, I'll click out of the page when I damn well want to.

    • Just use this with some extension that allows you to run custom javascript after you load the page (I use CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT FOR SITES extension in Chrome)

    • It works on desktop aka PC

  • this is good, and i agree with the points u made, altho i still believe all those wonderful people left primarily for their own reasons, and then because of the site.
    i had contact with some of them and they did leave because of their own lives, not necessarily how the site was. it is true though that it is less of a community. i dont feel as close to users here as i used to 2 years ago when i joined. i used to want to get to know people on a level where id wanna meet up with them someday, but now i dont feel that.
    i think GaG as a site just needs to get back to basics and quit trying to modernise something that was already great to begin with. we're not just internet persona here. a lot of us r real people. -.-

    • You know the saying if its not broke don't try to fix it and don't mess with a good thing.

  • I am unsure who those people are, but I assume they were active users before I began my Gag journey. I'm not quite sure how things worked back then, but I can see there is a lot of people not liking the system. Maybe the people who run the site can see this and stop making changes.

    • They will always be making changes, that is certain, it is just a question of what the effects of said changes are. The people I mentioned are mostly level 9 and above, some were also moderators, or even super moderators for a long time who have been here for more than 3 years ( @kheserthorpe for example ). All of them leaving at the same time wasn't just a coincidence... Although after I disabled the fade effect on the desktop, it got a lot better.

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    • Yeah. Some changes are great (I like the mention system for example), some are tolerable (you can get used to how male and female opinions are not side by side since a kinda long time ago), some are pretty bad (increasing the Amazon gift card priced ticked off many people) and some are just site concept changing for the worse (point 2 and 3 in the take). I kinda like 2, but I also hate it for what it created. And even jackkerouac77 and RedThread are leaving. Red thread has been here for as long as I can remember.

    • Oh I can see. I would assume if Gag does more drastic changes the more active/high levelled/long-term users will start to leave. Which is a great petty.

  • I completely understand where you're coming from. I hope the admins see this. Great take! 😏

    • They probably did, because I'm not an editor, and one of them had to approve it, haha.

  • Very interesting Take. I do feel like people don't really interact with each other the way they did a few months back. And the amount of answers to people's questions have lowered drastically.

    • I have to agree. These days the users don't seem to be as socially open.

      For me, most of the female users come off as very stand-offish, and the male users don't seem receptive to talking to another guy (probably because they're horny)! :-P

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    • That's the biggest downfall of any online community. When people forget that it is a community.

  • that's a good take! i agree

  • when was the last time you graced one of my odd questions with your presence, sir?

  • Great take! Your solution seems sound. I wonder why you're not admin yet.

    • ... no, that's okay, really :P
      to be honest, my solution isn't completely sound. Not all opinion comments should be rewarded.
      Just like how there's a problem with rewarding all answers equally with low-effort answers, there'd be a problem with giving +1 XPER for every single opinion comment. Should be bound to character count as well.

    • True, but they can always raise the points to reach a new level or redeem a reward to counter this problem xD

  • Nooo I love mistninja314 :( He's so funny and I love that pick up line he always uses when he enters a question or take, let me imitate it lol:
    You're so right and really smart though! GAG should really start reading over these opinions from people and making changes.
    there's already that option to ask only guys, only girls, or both for your question, I REALLY hope they don't do an age restriction thing...
    Like only asking people from ages 18 plus for example.
    Although, it can be useful when it comes to inappropriate or sexual questions for kids under like 13 or something, I feel like people would use it the wrong way and use it because they think younger people aren't mature or wise enough to answer their questions.

  • I joined few days before one of the major changes, I couldn't enjoy much of the previous version as many of you, I was really shocked when the platform changed. Sometimes when we try to help and make things better we only worsen them.

  • I totally agree with this

  • I think many moves have been made to increase the traffic and questions answered, during that process people have stopped answering properly. Iran, having th option to answer a question you haven't even read? What is that about? Plus I'm missing out on so many questions because they are set to guys only.

    The changes recently are shit and I've commented a lot less. Plus I'll never make it to my next gift card do genuinely have lost some interest in answering with any length.

  • The questions being dead thing - if accurate, that drives me nuts. I hate asking questions only to get nothing after almost an hour, along with updates. I also hate the restricted feed.

    In general I agree with the idea of rewarding opinion comments and facilitating good discussion rather than simply responding to get points.

  • Agree, agree, agree! I especially hate the fade out effect (even though I rarely write long comments).
    I love people like you who don't always agree with me but we still have mutual respect and goid debates. It does male it so much more interesting. Great take.

  • You forgot MrScTi.

    all that you said is true. but to be honest meson de fielde I feel disconnected from the community since nearly a year ago. never felt that connected either.

    I come here in short times mostly before going to sleep to help people, teenagers etc. and I don't need to communicate with anyone for that.

    and there are tons of websites for just answering two questions to fill your time but here the design is prettier and you can relate with questions easily.

    so in the whole I can say I could care less. I am going to be absent for 3-4 months myself because of my summer semester and compressed schedule in Canada. I'm already not very present.

    So I hope they improve the site for the community but personally I can't care about it that much.

    the only funny thing I see on this thread is some people claiming they wanna leave because there is no discussion when they always were the discussion poopers themselves with their assumptions and name callings and over sarcastic behaviour without being able to provide any explanation for what they claim is the truth. These people killed and kill the discussions and now they want to leave because nobody has time to discuss anything. better this way if you ask me.

    that is it.

    • You're going to Canada? Wow

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    • I've never been in Ontario, but I do live in two provinces; BC and Alberta

    • @I_am_repulsive and I never been anywhere else but the city I live in in Ontario, Ottawa and Quebec.

  • I agree that the change in the UI/UX is a bit annoying. I think the features were meant to help because a lot of people complain about not wanting to see certain questions and age groups. What bothers me is that nobody seems to use the damn search feature its the same thing every day, the trolling is rampant and not enough is being done about it. When people complain, others defense is to deal with because this is the internet but if this is a community where there are people that can control the situation then it needs to be done. When I log on I have to do a lot of scrolling to find an interesting question, something that has not been asked a million times, a question worth answering, a question where my advice will be well received ( though lately its been better), and question that is not just plain dumb.

    • The search feature sucks, because it defaults to searching "by relevancy", but the only way it actually works well is "by date". You can supposedly unfollow sexual behavior and sexual health topics then use the my feed, but I don't think that would fix the actual problem here.

    • No it won't fix anything lol

  • I agree with you 100%. I was directed to this site back two months ago upon asking a question in my googles search bar. I scrolled through this site and found it as appealing as ever. However, much has changed in these past two months. I see more questions about dick size or younger children's sex life than I do anything else. I have tried to change my settings but have gotten no where. It seems like as the days pass, more and more questions are becoming sexual and just plain unappealing to me. And it seems as though the more younger people utilize this site, the more older people we lose. This is now becoming more of a "Facebook" than a site to get actual advice on.
    At first I loved it on here. I am in school for psychology to become a social worker and part of my work is to view others problems and give lengthy advice to them. How am I supposed to give lengthy advice on dick sizes or a young 13 year old girl who thinks she is in love with a man whom gave her an STD? To me, that does not require advice. Those are more common sense questions that (I feel) people put out there for attention. Needless to say, this site has gone down hill fast and I'm not sure if I will even stay on here much longer.
    Also, I have noticed that more so than not, people aren't really giving out advice. Their answers are short and for the most part, rather hostile. People take their bad day out on some individuals within this site and I don't believe that was why this site was created. I myself have not posted much within this side aside from me giving advice to the individuals who actually need it. I have posted maybe 4 things, I believe, in my time being here. To which I got an extreme amount of negativity because people, for God only knows what reason, take offense to things that should not bother them.
    I tend to stay away from the questions that I feel people don't really need advice on. Other people lack the self control that some of us possess. Which definitely makes it all the more hard to even be a member of such a site. I for one can not deal with negativity. And that seems to be what this site is becoming.

    • I'm pretty sure it came about with the ability to post an opinion from the feed, which I covered in 2). Questions that are interesting are drowned by all the questions that hold no intellectual value. Even sexual questions can be asked in such a way that they are interesting, but the problem really here is that opinions just aren't written to be read. And opinions aren't read, so it's true.

  • it is good that people decided to focus moreon their real life

    • Well that's a way to look at it, but it's not the only reason behind why so many have left in so little time.

    • They are not our friends or family unless we have already seem them in personal life otherwise I dont see why need to bother.
      Tbis site is getting worst so am not surprised

  • Mist sensei's rants will be missed. ;-;

  • I didn't care about anyone leaving until just noticing buttwholesandwich left. Ah she was nice. Oh well. at least I met her. ❤
    Now idc xD

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What Guys Said 43

  • I love this site and the people. What I dislike is some of the Misogynist, racist, xenophobic, sexist questions on here. Like for example all the anti Turk questions. I never understood what all the hate is about. Also the Anti American questions. I understand every country has its problems. No need to hate people because of their gender, sex, race or ethnicity.

  • Indeed, your solutions seem sound.

    • Technically, opinion comments ought to have a minimum character limit to be elligible for XPER bonus, I should have thought of that earlier, but yeah.

  • I agree which is why

    And a new selection of masters shall rise ( hopefully for the better )

  • Dude I was gonna write a take like this before I left but now I don't think I have to. I don't feel connected to people on here anymore.. My opinions no longer matter and I felt it was just because I use the site less but that's not it at all.. People don't take part in discussions anymore and people up vote and down vote less too. I also dislike the trend of the site to push us towards writing takes and I'm not even into this shit lol

    It all adds up to something I can't support and get myself behind anymore which is why I won't be here much longer. Everything I do feels like a drop in the ocean now not just because the community is larger.

    • r u gonna leave as well? :/

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    • @vishna thank you very much. That means a lot. I always valued what you have to say too.

    • It's just a shame all the cool people never bothered to share contacts for any other platform.
      People don't take part in discussions because they don't read other opinions. They also don't read opinions because they are all just one-liners. It feels like every opinion is devoid of soul, but mine included. It just feels like there is no point to putting effort into what you say, because nobody will read it. I guess you know exactly what I mean.

  • u forgot about Lauramarx bro

    • She had me blocked ever since she was Level 4, so to be honest her departure doesn't really sway me, lol.
      But yeah. I actually grabbed that list from this question, otherwise I would have forgotten a lot more :P

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    • Yea we were friends up until then

    • Heck, I used to think I was special 'cause @LauraMarx and @your_boss960 blocked me for no known reason. Now I see I am just one insignificant cog in the gear system.
      @prof_don @mesonfielde @hypno-trip

  • I agree with number 5.

  • For me the biggest problem is abuse of the block button in opinion comments, where in somebody doesn't agree with your view and lacks the skill to debate like a reasonable person.

    • I agree, that's annoying, especially the one on "anonymous questions" that allows an entire opinion to be blocked. It's silly.

  • ButtHole left? I found that name funny.

  • I click to expand every single opinion anyway, so the fadeout is basically useless.

  • Somehow, I thought I was the only one who made those observations lol. Its nice to see the take on it, although I already reported as much using the 'Contact' link at the bottom of the page (I don't really know what else to do).

    You're also missing some names like patek + others, but I get the idea. I can't believe khesser would go over it... good grief, he was a die hard.

  • I agree with most of what your Take is saying. And I respect your opinion of things that I do not agree with. But on many things I feel like we are looking at two different G@Gs. For example, your point 2 is that people can add from the feed without reading other answers. That part does not bother me terribly. The part that bothers me is that the feed may show the question and one or two sentences of explanation. Or it may show several lines of explanation. But in either case being able to answer from there means that you probably have not read the whole question, and you have not read the updates. The picture you included showed the question with all of the explanation below it. I have never seen that in the Feed. It is always truncated. And answering a question when you really haven't read the whole question is crazy.
    For Filters, you state that ALL POSTS is available only on My Feed. That did not sound right so I checked and ALL POSTS shows for both My Feed and for Site Feed. And if people only want to look at certain things, then why force them to read others. Let them have the filters.
    #5 I totally disagree with. Not so long ago with more points being awarded I saw people on here posting anything on one question after another just because they quickly added big points. Questions like "What would you recommend I do about..." were being answered by "I don't know" and you would see about the same answer by the same person on question after question. I see less of that with the lower points now. But I agree with your ideas for more points for longer answers.
    One thing that I see as a part of the demise of G@G is that it used to be a site to ask or answer questions. Then it became a community (something you are touting) and that community would respond to a question with an answer, a comment would be added, then the "community" would start joking and talking about other things, and the question itself and the opinion of the person whose opinion they hijacked were buried. That was definitely not in line with the purpose of G@G. And many of the people you mentioned were deeply involved in that behavior. they were nice people, but they wanted G@G to be a playground for banter, and created such important threads as "Post a picture of yourself in your pajamas." "Who is the prettiest?" "Who should marry who?" That is the kind of stuff I saw really killing the purpose of G@G.

    • I am not taking about the banter when I refer to comments, although it is a valid point. I used to make comments that were relevant to the discussion at hand, sometimes disagreeing with the opinion owner. And we all discussed things. Now, you make a comment, and nobody responds. Why would they? There is no reward.

      And the problem with the filters is that you cannot customize the event types you see. If you look only at questions, you only see "asked question" event. If you look at all posts, you see takes and questions, and THEN you see "shared opinion" events as well, but you still no longer see commented on, nor do you have the option.

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    • ... wait, how did you achieve that?

    • I am on My Feed with no age selected and All Posts selected. And Klaatu is again listed for a comment only a minute ago.

  • I agree with you. Less gurus and masters seem to be online these days and some of them got so bored that they left.

    There are many new gagers here, but they don't seem to help people but help themselves for the xpers!

    Well hope gag takes this into consideration...


  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I really don't give a shit who comes and go to be honest.

  • I agree with a lot of your points, Mesonfielde.

    I think GaG has sacrificed quality in the name of quantity, and that's what we're seeing happen here.

    That, and there's also the fact that the site's demographics have changed a lot. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but the site has turned into a lot of "Pre-teens Ask Pre-teens."

    Lastly, I think the site lets too much offensive material slide. That's admittedly subjective, though.

    • For the last point, it just feels wrong to hide a question after there are so many informative answers on them to disprove the question asker. Sometimes I end up wondering I should.

    • Yeah, I've run into the same thing. I just try to do my best to interpret the rules, and when in doubt I don't remove.

    • I think they are pretty sharp and understand the effects of the changes they make. I suspect advertisers and affilliates need to be shown a certain level of activity/response to charge a certain rate.

      This business of business is business.

  • The matter of fact is this.
    GaG in the end is merely a platform.
    It was built from the grounds up where male and female are segregated and set lose on each other and traditionally that is all it took for a spark to be produced.

    The conflict of the male/female perspective but as the time moved on , the perspective at least as far as I've seen... is starting to converge.

    The male/female are starting to reach a consensus , or at least on most issues excluding the outlier to the case.

    Now what we have here is a case where entropy tends towards infinity.
    A sort of soup of agreeing opinions where 99% of the time , people agree with each other and it becomes a sort of reaffirming cycle.

    The stars are extinguishing.
    That is a given end to the order of things. However, what makes GaG different from the universe is..."new matter" is created constantly.

    Stars that were previously overshadowed by the MASSIVE RED GIANTS that blotted out the sky , they are now starting to appear now that the red giant is gone.

    Perhaps we'll see how these new stars develop.
    You do have to remember, many of the users above have gone through multiple hiatuses , they are by no means young stars in the eco-system of GaG.

  • I agree with pretty much all of this, especially about posting an opinion without even having to pretend to care about what's already been said about the question. I, mean I' mretty new here but there doesn't appear to be really any discussions really. Someone asks a questions, 2~8 people give one response... and that's it, the question is old now and is replaced by someone asking almost the same question again

    • It is a shame, because it didn't always use to be this way.

    • And not only that but a lot of the questions are just mindbogglingly dumb

      "This guy look at me then he look away. Does he like me?"

      "My girlfriend says "it's over." What does it mean?

    • ... Yeah, this is a low point at the moment, but we shall prevail.

  • I agree with some of your points, the site is getting boring, there are not enough opinions and the Xpers we get are negligible. But you didn't mention one big problem that there are too many creeps, sarcastic assholes and offensive cunts on this site these days. In haven't experienced any except one or two but some other GaGers have faced a lot of them.

  • Hey! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! I agree. I think G@G is making too many changes too quickly and we were better off before. Its sad to see all of these great folks leaving :'(

  • Yeah I don't agree with this. The main issue is the creeps, pervs and users harassing others. Not to mention how rude some users are to others.

    • Doesn't that stuff happen only in private messages? I think the problem is far more intricate.

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    • @HollywoodGlam there always were people who were kinda rude. While antagonistic remarks are typically erased, that's not the key problem. In fact, I think the opinions are a mirror. People don't tend to be rude to me, because I'm not rude to them. I've seen some questions by some very specific people who claim that everyone is out to get them and how all the answers were criticizing her or so, but it's because of how she was telling people to "shut the fuck up". Like, if you're being spiteful, expect people to retaliate.

      I think mostly only people who are rude in their questions who actually get rude remarks. That, or people who ask VERY basic things. Like the girl who asked "when do boys get their periods". They don't.

    • Sadly it is not mainly in private messages. The users can make their settings to not allow private messages so that is an easy fix. I have talked to a lot of users on this site and I just wrote what the common complaint is and why they were going to leave or have left. There are more that I know of that are planning to leave because of this. @HollywoodGlam you are right :)

      Take Owner you are thinking about this from your experiences. Watch the girls that post a picture of themselves on here. The amount of attention and harassment they get is ridiculous. If the problems that you described were the only ones encountered on the site some of those users would still be active. It's a bigger issue than people realize.

      I think you and I have the same question in mind about the girl user being rude.

  • too many questions like, I'm shy what should I do if I like him/her.

    • Gender segregation still does quite a bit of damage to social scenarios, I wonder when people will eventually get past that.

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