Contest Results! "How did G@G help you in 2015"

Hey GAGers! Thank you to everyone who participated in our most recent contest:
How did G@G help you in 2015?

How did G@G help you in 2015: Contest Results!

We got some amazing responses and it was so difficult choosing a winner. However, after much consideration, here are the final results!

The top winners who will recieve 1000 Xper points are:


GaG has helped me through a bad time in my life in a very indirect way. I know the post is about how GaG has helped you directly but for me it was its presence that helped me the most. They were several things going on in my life that were outside my control which meant I had a tough last few years. It was nothing insurmountable but there are times when outside help is appreciated.
I found GaG and joined on the 6th of March, 2015. After a period of getting to know the site I became enamoured with the site, I enjoyed the sense of community here among the users, the exchange of information and advice, the friendships that developed, the pleasant social interaction became part of my daily life. How much did I get into the site well the fact that I became a master after 6 months shows how much I used the site. The things that were happening on the outside have settled down and my life is returning to normal but for the nine months I was on GaG that has very much helped the readjustment process.
I honestly believe I may have floundered if I did not have GaG and maybe turned to less productive vices to get through tough times as I have done in the past but the friendship and the social/interactive element of GaG may have kept me on a fairly straight path.


I joined GAG in April 2015, and I believe it has had a HUGE impact on me. At this point I fail to remember how it was before GAG was a part of my everyday life. I also have trouble imagining what I'd do without GAG. I truly love this place.

First things first, I don't think there's anything that can cure my boredom better than GAG can. I know that whenever I'm dying from boredom, I can come here. Yes, sonetimes GAG itself becomes a bit boring, but let's put it this way, GAG is the most interesting boring place (WHEN it's boring), even when I'm bored here, I'm never 100% bored, cause it's always possible to find some unanswered questions or to message someone.

Now that we're talking about people... Oh my gosh, I've met SO MANY amazing, unique people here that I most likely wouldn't have encountered anywhere else if it wasn't for GAG. I can say with happiness and joy that I've definitely made good friends here. Not gonna lie, I have more friends here than in real life :S But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm very thankful that I had people I knew I could talk to whenever I was going through tough times or had some problems in my life. It was very nice to know that people actually WANT to listen, that there were people I could vent to and personally get advice from. Internet friends are fucking fabulous I don't think there's a better place on the internet where you can build such amazing, strong friendships.

GAG also has helped me learn more about people and their behavior. I'm not exactly the most social person, so I don't really interact with others too much in real life. Reading all the questions and answers that flood in here everyday helps me understand better how other people's minds work. Sometimes I'm fascinated, sometimes I'm even disgusted, but it's great to get some insight about all different kinds of people. I've also had the chance to learn about different cultures and stuff. GAG is like a huge meadow with all possible types of flowers there are in the world. It's great.

GAG has also helped me become a bit more confident. I've always had self-esteem issues, but when so many people compliment me, that self-esteem does go up a bit. I still have a long way to go, but slowly I'm learning to like myself a bit more, thanks to GAG.

On top of all that, I also got a boyfriend thanks to GAG, so definitely not complaining about that

GAG has helped me in massive ways for sure and I'd feel like my life's over if suddenly this sire disappeared.

Congratulations to both of you!

In addition, we have multiple runner ups from both genders who will each receive 250 Xper points. These users are:


- @dangerDoge

- @gotc147

- @SITdown


- @jaydenl23

- @kerouac5

- @justbanANNAz

Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks again to everyone who participated! We're so happy that G@G has had such a profound impact on the lives of so many people!

There will be a new contest coming soon so keep on the lookout for that! :)

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  • Thank you GaG - That was a pleasant way to start my day on GaG - Thanks to everyone who upvoted and left comments on my entry - You GaG users have helped me more than you could ever realise - Seen all the people who have left comments on the competition question, I am glad the site and its users have helped so many people as I said before in so many ways not just answering questions - Congrats to the other winners and runners up, I am sure it was very close across the board and a tough decision for admin as most entrants seemed worthy of a mention.

  • Thanks for the runners up and congrats to the winners and all who answered with serious intentions.

  • Nobody has been helpful answering my questions. But I think I've learned a lot about myself from answering other peoples' questions.

  • I made my account since like a week ago. I'm positive a about GAG this far and it has helped me already with some personal questions i posted. I had positive feedback.

  • Lol i just come here to LOL and mess around, didn't know it was so serious lmao

  • I doubt about the impartiality by chosing of these winners

  • GaG helps people?

  • Helped me understand girls better even though I have two sisters, I really don't ask them a lot of questions do I?

  • I met the daughter of a billionaire

  • Kind people have helped me but overall it makes me hate myself even more knowing how many judgmental self-absorbed people are out there. The new generation of kids (The Millennials) just happen to be some of the dumbest generation of people in the history of the world. Even Middle-ages weren't this fucking stupid.

    • lol, that's funny. i've met just as many people from the older generations who are borderline retarded. and these are people who people consider successful by most societal metrics. get off the high horse.

    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau no, I won't. I'm sure you've met some older generations like that, but I'm talking about 99% of the current generation.

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