DON'T ask a question if you're not ready to accept views which DIFFER FROM YOUR OWN!


mini rant,


This is actually becoming SO common on this site that I think people are missing the point of Girls ASK Guys -.-

DON'T ask a question if you're not ready to accept views which DIFFER FROM YOUR OWN!!!! -.- -.-

Before I go on, I'm all for having our own sets of values and beliefs and defending our opinion if someone tries to poke at it or shame it, but if one is actually making the move of asking the community for opinions, then we mustn't expect or assume that it'll run in our favour all the time.

e.g of what I'm trying to address:

Q: What do you think of.....?

A: Well, in my opinion, I think....

QAsker's comment examples:

~I disagree with everything you just said...

~Well FIRSTLY, you're wrong...

~You're so full of yourself...

~I don't think you understand me...

~But how?

~Why though?

~This doesn't make sense...

~Well I guess you're a close minded person then...

~Yeah right. You're just bullshitting...

~Don't try to play the nice girl/guy role here...

~You're a slut/asshole/messed up n%^&/bitch/ *insert other forms of colourful language*

~This is so invalid.

NOW I could go on and on. a lot of these are real, not just directed at me, but I've seen them around in several other opinions, i'd say 1 in 5 or 6 contains this kinda thing.

To those people who aren't open to discussing conflicting ideas, this site is gonna be hella difficult for u to deal with if u can't handle healthy debate.

Not everyone wants to argue because they've got nuthin better to do. If u wanna reach a CIVIL CONCLUSION, cool, let's respect each other's differences and talk like decent human beans:P


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Most Helpful Guy

  • "This is actually becoming SO common on this site"
    Not just online but in real life too. People are becoming too ignorant :/

    Apart from "~But how? & ~Why though?" I hate every reply you mentioned. I ruin their ignorance with my universal facts & logics.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree. .. But also I just ignore if they start to get rude... Some people are just set in their ways... I try to stay away from things I know I'm going to completely disagree with.. . Most of those people just want to be told hey your absolutely right I agree with everything you say etc...

    • yeah i agree. the best way is to leave the situation alone with some users, or agree with them to shut them up haha.
      thanks for ur input=]

    • Lmao haha that's true I lol @agree with them to shut them up Haha


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  • No you're wrong.

    My opinion is always right and anyone who disagrees with me is a stinky poopy head.

    So nya nya.


  • Narrow minded people after reading this take...

  • I agree with you. Another think that grates my tits is asking for an opinion and someone replying with a general an vague answer

    Ex. What do boys like in a girl

    Answer I hate: "it depends on the boy. Some like blah blah blah and others blah"

    ^^^^^^ Effing hate that sh! t

    What they should reply is with : Well "I" like blah blah<---- That is an opinion. Not some general pc nonsense

    *rant over*
    *drops mic*
    *pics it up again coz that sh! ts expensive*

    • That person should word the question 'what do YOU like in a guy/girl?' Otherwise, how are we supposed to answer? I never got that. I like one thing and somebody else may like another thing.
      So a vague answer to a vague question is what they're getting.

    • @Chick180
      You hit it!

    • grates my tits. LMAO. ok sorry...

      ohh i see. this may be a slightly different issue.

  • I think its sometimes the arrogance and lack of sympathy really.

    I don't sugar coat, but I try to be respectful as possible, so they actually take my advice.

    What I hate though is sometimes the superiority complex people get here. I actually want to discuss why they say what they say, try to understand, and most of the time, they don't support their reasoning, it's a "Take my advice because its from me and I know best"

    I've told many people on here "you should do this, but be prepared of XYZ. not everything will go the way you want etc" Actual legit advice that outlines the possible outcomes of the decision I tell them, and leave it up to them. I never give the one sentenced answers you see a lot around here. It's clear and rational, and I say it in a way that doesn't disrespect them but in a way shows why I'm saying what I'm saying

    But catch me on a bad day, and I don't behave so mature haha. Also I rarely ask questions on here, I do more answering. I fear too many trolls will answer my questions and my time will be wasted

    • honestly, i understand where ur coming from and it's a great outlook to have. I'm sure ur answers come off as very respectful. i have tried doing this multiple times, but nothing is more irritating than giving advice thats so detailed and genuine than receiving a shut-down response such as the ones i listed. it's happened so many times, and u just get to a point where u feel, 'ok, this person just doesn't... get it.'

      but again, it's good that u opened up another angle to these situations, so thanks.

    • At that point I just don't bother lol.

      So much time dedicated on gag arguing with people when I could have been in a date bwahahaha (no seriously) #introvert problems

    • yeah same haha.
      LOL that is actually very sadly true. thanks for that=/

  • Are you trying to educate oversensitive morons?

    A noble deed, but hopeless.

  • hahaa the beans! xD that's not all that I took from this take :)

  • This should be part of the agreement when you sign up:
    "Don't be a diva, either you can handle the truth or you don't use this site"

  • I agree 100% it's like people don't even care about getting honest comments. It's like they just want someone to agree with them

  • Nice take


    Don't MHO someone simply because they agree with you... cornball move

  • Great Take or rant or whatever lol!
    People come here for different opinions...
    if u wanted people to agree with you or say what you wanted to here GAG wouldn't be so helpful...
    Thanks for writing this!

  • Finally someone said it. I agree, especially on the how i look questions. If you say something negative they're like: OMG you're so rude. What's the point? They ask for our opinions and getting our opinions

  • Yeah ya see it a lot
    people will ask a question and if an opinion is posted that even slightly differs from what they want to hear, ya become public enemy number 1.

  • Thank you great "MyTake"

  • Not to ignite an old flame but the second to last paragraph could be said back at you. You start a debate and then throw a small "hmp" when people put forward arguments that you don't agree with. And instead of countering them you respond with an "whatever".

    This rant all in all is rather ironic.

  • Yeah but this is all you do.

  • I don't care if someone's opinion is different. What leads to stupid-stuff here is when people are too lazy to read the question they're responding to. I've gotten really catty and derogatory answers about what I wasn't even asking. The ones who actually take the time to read the question generally have more level-headed answers.

  • Thanks for saying what we were all thinking, I on the other hand come here to dispense advice and help, chat and meet people and eat cookies.

  • Some of these block everyone who has a idea that's different from theirs.

    • TheDevilInside writes:
      " Well let me tell you this: You don't like my opinion, downvote me, then move the fuck on. Don't put down my idea because I WILL block you if I find you irritating enough."

      He isn't the only one who never learned about the First Amendment..

    • indeed. like some sort of defence mechanism.
      lol... gosh -.-


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What Girls Said 28

  • While you are correct in that, if someone asks a question, they should expect a wide variety of different responses considering everyone on this site is from all over the world and has different experiences, thoughts, ideas, etc. However, that also applies to you when you answer a question. Some of those bullet points you made ARE disrespectful and rude (name calling is never okay), however, others you mentioned are not nasty, it's just a person looking to further discuss the topic. If you answer a question and the QA says something like,
    -I disagree with everything you just said
    -why though?
    -but how?
    -that doesn't make sense
    -you're wrong because...
    -this is invalid

    Those aren't the comments of someone who can't accept a differing opinion, those are the comments of someone simply challenging your view and wanting to discuss it. So, what I'm trying to say is, yes QA's should be open to different responses but when you answer a question, you should also be open to people disagreeing with your opinion and questioning it. That's how the site works, that's what promotes discussion and conversation.

    • that's exactly what I was thinking. sounds like she is saying poster should accept what they say even if it dosent agree with poster. but the people who respond don't have to accept the fact that the poster dosent agree

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    • yeah i do the same.
      sorry for not clarifying

    • No big deal :)

  • I know exactly what you mean and I couldn't agree more some question sheets are close minded and unless you agree with them then basically it's "my way or the highway". They can't handle other people's opinions and many times the truth so why ask a question when you're really not looking for or you already have the answer that you want?

    But at the same time I'm pretty opinionated and like to debate/show or convince people of my point of view however when I do that I will never shove my words down there throat or tell them that their is srong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion I'm just always up for a discussion.

    • yeah pretty much.
      c that's a good thing, u can be opinionated on your own terms but you also acknowledge the differing views of others. while at times i have unintentionally come off as offensive to other views, every time i make a mental note that i have to work on how open minded i need to be, and i think we should all attempt to just acknowledge other opinions without having to be swayed by them.
      ty for ur input xx

  • The truth hurts...

    Great myTakes hun. Certainly agree with you on this!

  • If ignorant people were not allowed to ask questions, it would only lead to then becoming more ignorant.

    I find it amusing for a QA to disagree with every answer that dosent reflect their own. They ask a question and don't help themselves because they don't even know how to recieve the help they are looking for.

    • yeah i find it pretty funny at times too lol.
      but that's a good point u mentioned.

  • Yes. I answered 3 Q's on this subject in less than 24 hours.
    I've been attacked for my own personal opinion.
    It's sad really.
    What do people expect? The whole world to agree with them and to hear what is socially acceptable?

    • yeah i think iv even noticed one of those, and even tho it's not happening to me, sometimes i feel i just wanna intervene lol, but thas nunna mah business:P
      i do agree 100% tho.

  • I agree 200%
    sometimes i would ask the asker, whats the point of having a question when all you wanted is people agreeing with you.

    and people should be participating in forum or site or even asking questions if they get butthurt over little things.

  • OMG thank you!!! I wrote a question a while back about whether people really ask questions for validation sometimes like about decisions they should make or if they were right or wrong. A lot of people come on here expecting to hear what they want and when someone tells them like it is especially if its something ridiculous and almost everyone disagrees they get offended and start saying stupid stuff such as you don't know me or you don't know us there is more to this story blah blah blah. We form out opinions based on what we are told.

    • yeah pretty much. iv seen it asked around on the site a few times as well, but yeah disagreements dont sit well with some people=/

    • Maybe they should just talk to themselves in the mirror then lol


  • Also, sometimes I'm just here to voice out my thoughts. Not to debate with some people about it and ending up having to defend my opinion. Some people just don't get that. They poke their noses on my opinions, contradicting me, or saying something derogatory like "lol what a stupid idea" or "you don't know anything about...". Well let me tell you this: You don't like my opinion, downvote me, then move the fuck on. Don't put down my idea because I WILL block you if I find you irritating enough. I'm not here to debate and defend my views, I'm here to answer and voice out my opinions.

  • Agreed 100 percent with you. I think the majority of them just want attention and validation and are not interested in actual opinions. They wouldn't how to have an argument in the real world if they can't handle opinions on here. Quite sad actually.

    • yeah=/ i mean it's also gonna b hard when dealing with others in the real world that you'll have to be with everyday, such as the workforce etc.

  • The worst are the "Did I do something wrong?" then they explain what happened, people tell them that it is indeed their fault and they get offended, start insulting the ones who comment and then block them lol.

  • You don't have to accept another's views but it's common sense to at least respect them. Unless of course, they're provokingly disturbing/disgusting/immoral/absurd/racist/sexist/degrading/etc. Then the asker deserves the shit storm coming to him/her.

  • Great take :)

  • Preach. I know I lack compassion most times but I am understanding of certain situations. If I agree than I agree but I'm by no means a yes man nor do I sugar-coat my words just so someone is more inclined to liking it. This site isn't about that it's about helping people, giving them new perspectives on life in general. Most times now a days if I even get a hint of thinking someone is whining or some kind of over entitled attitude I usually go about it by giving them I guess a bit of tough love. I see a lot of people don't like that. Does it mean I'll change my answer style? Nope. However since this is the Internet people are going to say a lot of things we don't all like and if it isn't blatanly offensive then so what? Get over it, we don't all know each other there's no reason to bitch because someone disagrees. I'm starting to think most people confuse the meaning of this site and are flocking here instead of going to actual office therapy or support group sites.

    • exactly, I'm pretty much on the same page, which is why i wanted to increase awareness about it.
      thanks for ur input girl x

  • Thank Ford someone said this!

  • certainly agreed!

  • Oh THANK you! This basically just sums up my frustration with certain questions. hahaha.

  • They don't want to hear the truth. They only want to hear what they want to hear. One girl said that she blocked people who's opinions differed from hers. Sometimes we don't like an opinion, but it is the truth or a valid way of looking at something.

    • yeah i agree. i think blocking someone purely because of differing opinions is kinda like a defence mechanism.

  • Amen.
    Also hate when people comment on a question changing the whole thing into something else... makes me want to reach through my phone & smash their fucking skull.. not even joking especially these whiney dudes omg.. but I digress..

  • But isn't that the point of asking a question? To get different answers?

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