How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

I figured I'd save a million girls a bunch of time trying to figure out if a guy likes them or not.

So how do you know if a guy likes you? I thought I'd give you a list of instances if a guy likes you.

  1. You catch the guy looking at you more then once, and you don't have a big booger in your nose.
  2. See 1
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Do you get the hint? It's that easy. If a guy thinks you're attractive, he will check you out. Plain and simple. I don't know how to spell it out any easier. If a guy is not attracted to you, he will not keep looking at you.

Girl: So there's this guy in my history class, and today I looked up a couple times and he was looking at me, and looked away really fast. Does he like me?
Me: Let's look at our rule again. What was he doing?
Girl: Looking at me?
Me: Ok, that passes the first part. And did you have a big booger in your nose?
Girl: No, why?
Me: Ok, that passes the second part. And how many times did he look at you?
Girl: Um a couple times?
Me: And is that more then once?
Girl: Yes

Girls, see how easy that is? Now I'm not saying there aren't other ways to know if a guy likes you, but if your example passes this test, then you have your answer. And I'm not saying the guy wants to marry you, or even date you, it just means that he's attracted to you. A guy isn't going to keep checking out a girl that he's not attracted to.


What Girls Said 17

  • 2mo

    Well I once caught this dude staring at me (no boogers) and when I jokingly asked him if it was my beauty that was entrancing him he said "no, you're just insanely ugly looking, especially today"... he was not joking, not even a little bit. So I feel like this is not true every time...

  • ... or you could have some spinach in your teeth...

  • What if your not sure if there actually looking at you. I think a junior guy keeps looking at me but I'm not sure because I have horrible eyesight. How do I know for sure he's looking at me?

  • Hahah ding ding ding

  • This is so funny yet on point. 😂 Thanks man.

  • Hahaha pretty funny
    Nice 👌👍


  • ..Hermione, really? C'mon, dude, you shouldn't be asking silliness like that.

    Perhaps he just thinks that the swimsuit you have on fits you. Maybe he's just staring at your sexual organs, period.

    I think the article goes for the girls that have everything covered in 'regular' clothing.

    Still, if you like him, talk to him. >>;; Don't spend fifty hours on here asking.


    This is a cute article, Jar. Lol. I think it'll settle a lot of girls' minds. x3

  • I was at the beach and a guy caught me looking at him a couple times.

    He started to say something then stopped so I said "what?" and he just stood there, smiling with his mouth open for a minute until a wave came. Does this mean he likes me? Should I talk to him at the beach tomorrow?

  • Ha ha. very nice. is it really THAT simple though?

  • Hahahaha - love this

  • I LOVE that this is so simple!

  • LOL

  • Ok,....we know that he likes us if he looks multiple times and we don't have a booger in our nose, what,...haha,..i won't bother you with that,..nice little article there though,..simple clean and to the point

  • What if you've never caught a guy looking at you? :(

  • So how do I know if a guy likes me?

    Jk. o.o

  • Ok, very good advice! LOL! But seriously, don't guys sometimes stare at you for other reasons? I know this guy who stares at me sometimes and then sometimes he doesn't at all. And yes, I have made sure there were no boogers. =D


What Guys Said 3

  • Lol obviously you didn't read rule number 1. Try it out if you have enough guts. Next time you're somewhere and you catch some guy looking at you more then once, just go up to him, and tell him you heard this, and you noticed he looked at you more then once. Does that mean he thinks you're cute, and see what he says.

  • Guys are visual beings

    i see many pretty woman at my work but once I see this 1 girl

    i go nuts to the point that I go out of my way just to look at her

    so feminine, so mature, so beautiful, amazing body and eyes

    thinking about her just drives me wild..and I make sure she knows I'm attracted to her..and now she smiles at me a lot and makes eye contact with yes..checking her out and acknowledging how attractive she is to you will only let her know that you like her.

    im gonna pursue her

  • I look at girls a lot, but not because I like them. I may not even like them physically.

    Sometimes I just look at random people, wondering what the heck are they doing whatever they are doing, because I just don't get them. Eg. Why do girls behave that way?

    If you catch me staring though, I'll quickly turn away. I don't want to be labelled as a pervert/crazy/lovesick person.