I figured I'd save a million girls a bunch of time trying to figure out if a guy likes them or not.

So how do you know if a guy likes you? I thought I'd give you a list of instances if a guy likes you.

ol><li>You catch the guy looking at you more then once, and you don&#39;t have a big booger in your nose.<br /><li>See #1</li><li>See #1</li><li>See #1</li><li>See #1</li><li>See #1</li></ol><br />Do you get the hint? It&#39;s that easy. <strong>If a guy thinks you&#39;re attractive, he will check you out.</strong> Plain and simple. I don&#39;t know how to spell it out any easier. If a guy is not attracted to you, he will not keep looking at you. <br /><br />Girl: <i>So there&#39;s this guy in my history class, and today I looked up a couple times and he was looking at me, and looked away really fast. Does he like me?</i><br />Me: <i>Let&#39;s look at our rule again. What was he doing?</i><br />Girl: <i>Looking at me?</i><br />Me: <i>Ok, that passes the first part. And did you have a big booger in your nose?</i><br />Girl: <i>No, why?</i><br />Me: <i>Ok, that passes the second part. And how many times did he look at you? </i><br />Girl: <i>Um a couple times?</i><br />Me: <i>And is that more then once?</i><br />Girl: <i>Yes</i><br />Me: <i>DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!</i><br /><br /><br /><br />Girls, see how easy that is? Now I&#39;m not saying there aren&#39;t other ways to know if a guy likes you, but if your example passes this test, then you have your answer. And I&#39;m not saying the guy wants to marry you, or even date you, it just means that he&#39;s attracted to you. A guy isn&#39;t going to keep checking out a girl that he&#39;s not attracted to.<br /