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Why do guys run away from me ?

Why do guys run away from me ? Any thoughts ? I am a pretty nice person I like to have fun but at the same time I like to read,hell I am smart : I'm... Show More

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  • I knew a girl in college who had the same problem. She`s really intelligent, tall, beautiful, rich, nice, but she chased every guy away.

    The problem wasn`t about what she had.

    Every guy smelt her desparation. And it scared them off. Or just made them lose interest.

    I`m not saying you`re the same... it could be, the guys you like prefer dumb chicks they could sleep with right away, or they have ego issues.

    I don`t know any guy who wouldn`t be interested in a smart woman...

    I wouldn`t waste my time on guys who would rather be with someone like paris hilton.

What Guys Said 8

  • Maybe nobody in your circles is ready to settle down, and a smart woman is usually a settling down woman by your age. It may not be any more complicated than that. Not knowing you, it's my best guess.

  • It's not your looks, you're cute.

  • maybe, are you a type of person who likes to be in control?

    A guy would feel more comfortable if you let him lead you.

  • perhaps you are coming on to strong or not strong enough... we would need more info

  • Some guys I guess could be intimidated by an educated, career oriented woman. I myself usually prefer the type that can tell me when I'm full of it and why. =) Keep looking!

  • Well, some dudes are afraid of intelligent women...I know a lot of my friends are. How are you personality wise? That's always the kicker...and how exactly are they running away? Like "OMG, AHHHHHH!" or what...

  • wel wel, the way you sound its like you say tht you don't brag, but then you say tht am the best student of my class. ! common don't try to be diplomatic in relations! DIplomacy is for politicians and not for lovers.

    So if you are really desperate for a relation, then stay calm and be what you are and never fret over what you don't have .Be happy with what you have

  • How did they run away? Did they run away as soon as they see you coming? Did they approach you and as soon as you open your mouth they run? Did they hang out with you and a couple of days/weeks later they run?

What Girls Said 9

  • It takes a lot of kissing frogs before finding your prince sometimes.

  • I agree with jess7. Be proud of who you are, intelligence might scare guys away but it's only will show who is really interested in you and who is not. The guys you dated are probably interested in stupid uneducated girls who are easy to manipulate. And I'm sure you don't want to see that kind of guys near you =D

  • I think they might be intimedated by u...ur smart and they might not be ...and hey be proud that you are smart...don't let anyone bring you down because of this...and you will find the rite person hope I helped.

  • I agree with Shlei3 - - sometimes you have to go through so many wrongs to get to the right - makes you appreciate them even more though.

    • I agree too. The problem is :they don't even give me a chance !So I don't even know if they are frogs,princes,or something in between.....I know nothing ! And that is what the real issue is. I wonder why that is......

    • Well, tell me a little abt one situation in particular and maybe I can help ya out.

  • i agree with the other two

    Besides, a little fact : guys are actually a bit afraid of intelligent girls

    so the ones who ran were just not good enough to be with you...

  • its never about yourself.just be yourself and don't care what boys think.if you are smart you need a man w self confidence that's the main trait you ve to look for and thank god that the others ran cause clearly they are losers and you deserve more so wait and see and stay humble as you are dnt try to pretend to be stupid.also dnt brag about what you ve.its not ur looks you are cute.tc

  • every pot has a lid, and you will find yours too, its nothing to do with how you look, its plainly how to actto make them want you more. I'm sure soon enough there will be some one who will appreciate everything about you

  • Lots of guys gave been badly hurt by women, so they're reluctant to open their hearts again.

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