Why do guys run away from me ?

Why do guys run away from me ? Any thoughts ? I am a pretty nice person I like to have fun but at the same time I like to read,hell I am smart : I'm a med student in my second year ! But I don't brag about at all,I have tried to date guys who were less educated than me,same,or even more and always the same result : NOTHING but running ! Do I look that bad ? Then what is it ? Help please !


Most Helpful Girl

  • I knew a girl in college who had the same problem. She`s really intelligent, tall, beautiful, rich, nice, but she chased every guy away.

    The problem wasn`t about what she had.

    Every guy smelt her desparation. And it scared them off. Or just made them lose interest.

    I`m not saying you`re the same... it could be, the guys you like prefer dumb chicks they could sleep with right away, or they have ego issues.

    I don`t know any guy who wouldn`t be interested in a smart woman...

    I wouldn`t waste my time on guys who would rather be with someone like paris hilton.