Do girls like armpit hair on guys?

would you have your guy shave it off? or would you tell him it look manly?


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  • If the guy does sports everyday than it's a good idea to consider shaving, in hygiene purpose.

    It's not something I would ask my guy to do, but think it this way - girls are naturally hairy as well as guys are, not as much though, and how much effort girls put in shaving, waxing and other painful stuff, so it would be nice for a guy to keep his body hair in control as well.

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      It's actually less hygenic to shave you armpits than to leave them hairy. The hair wicks moisture away from the skin, drying it out. Without the hair, the skin is less able to dry out, and bacteria are more able to grow in the moisture.

      The hair also helps with the release of pheromones, which can be released faster via the same wicking action.

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      It smells worse, easier to wipe armpits without a hair, rather than just leaving sweat on them