What does it mean when a guy says "I have feelings for you"

I told I a guy I've been seeing I'm in love with him...in response shortly after he said I have feelings for you and that he thought I was smart, sexy and wonderful...

What does this mean in "guy speak"?

For what it's worth, we are romantically involved and both have already admitted being attracted to each other.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It means he likes you, but isn't about to admit undying love. Guys are more reversed about there feelings. I have never told a girl that I loved her. I have said she's beautiful, amazing , awesome, that I like her, etc. But I'm not about to open up and sing you some gushy love ballad about how my love is like an undying fire or something like that. Girl are more open with there emotions. But yeah, if he has feeling for you, as awkwardly worded as that is it means he likes you.