Why do guys overlook good girls?

OK I always hear nice guys complaining that girls don't like them but I don't even think they like nice girls. they always chase after girls that treat them like crap but completely ignoring girls that would actually be treating them right...so what do guys really want and what makes you overlook a girl? I'm tired of being overlooked do I have to become that hot snotty girl to get guys to notice me? they say they don't want that but it seems like mouth candy to me


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  • it's allll a game.. life is a game ...

    You might be that girl that would treat them just like a god if you got with them and that is fine but first you have to reel them in and to do that you have to make them chase you.

    Don't be so nice at the beginning all the time... act tough but cute and flirty at the same time

    once you have them and they are interested be who you really are and if they like it they will stay around and if they don't then they will move on... not your loss because they obv weren't the right one for you

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  • Once guys get a little older...they learn to ALWAYS pay attention to the nice girls first.

    Have a little patience!

  • Reading this question makes me remember some girls, perfectly good and intelligent girls, nice to look at and makes me feel guilty for not even trying to get their attention.


    -My own mistake, thinking only mini skirt wearing girls wanted a boyfriend

    -Friendship zone

    -Girls often 'hiding' in the shadow of attention-drawing girls.

    - Girls usually only seen with other girls, talking about girly things and shutting up when I came closer.

    -Girls sending 'occupied' signals

    -Girls sending 'not interested in boys and sex' signals, which lead me to avoid speaking to them about dating

    • Being "not interested in boys" and "not interested in sex" are 2 VEERRYYYY different things.. haha

    • Indeed, but there is a BIG misunderstanding: boys are interested in sex, so getting the boys without the sex may prove difficult for the girl (or frustrating for the boy)

  • Interestingly, I can switch the word "male" with "female" in your question and ask it for girls.

    It is not just what guys do.

    Teenagers (boys AND girls) go after the "cool one", the "popular one", the "hot one", etc.

    When they grow up, they realize their mistakes, and start going after the "good one".

    Of course there are some exceptions, like you. (I guess that you go after the "good one", since you are complaning that others don't go after the "good ones".

  • You are wrong. There are guys out there, this one here, that like nice girls. I highly respect morals. Biggest thing is ..just have a life...if you do and you are at least someone okay at flirting..that should be all you need. Sure you may have to wait for some decent guy, but then again...its standard. Something just like your own personal standard. That's not a bad thing, but rather a good one because in the end you will thank the lord you kept strong in belief that he was out there..then give in for 2nd best (which 2/3 women do).

    Don't worry about guys...you are bound to meet someone eventually that paints your perfect guy picture...as long as you are putting yourself out there. Doing community work, clubs, extracuritculars hopefully. You don't have to go to bars to meet guys. Just do what you like...volunteer...the smart guys will know where to go to meet you (ei volunteering, big brother, etc)..

    We hate patience...but don't faultier.. have hope.

  • Guys want women that are nice outside the bedroom and naughty inside it, who are not slutty in their behaviour with friends and socially mature but seductive when alone one on one. Good girls never stop being good girls and that is like dating someone with no intimacy experience which sucks. Its being a bit of everything and not one thing or type that makes women interesting. Men want a challenge and that means you must defy them at times in a way that is common sense. If you are too good they asume you are needy and they don't like that.

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  • Guys over look girls who are nice sometimes because they are either 1. immature or 2. the girl is soft-spoken and that doesn't grab a guy's attention

    You want to be someone confident so a guy can approach you or you can approach him in terms of dating. Plus being able to talk to each other and finding interests is important, regardless good or bad girl alike, communication is key if you're trying to secure a date.

    Guys don't think too differently from girls, it could be that they're busy and they don't notice you, they don't know you that well and they prefer dating within their circle of friends, they don't notice really shy and quiet girls and there are other reasons as well.

  • The key here is first impressions. If you're wearing a grandma sweater, pants, have your hair up and seem introverted, guys are going to overlook you. You don't have to be slutty though either, you just have to find a good balance. Guys want a girl they can take home to Mom, but behind closed doors is a freak. So a lot of times they see the girl with her boobs hanging out, flipping her hair and laughing obnoxiously loud and he's like BINGO there's a freak...but later realizes she has nothing really beyond the exterior. So help him out... if you know you're a good girl that he would want.. make yourself more noticeable.. show him some skin.. initiate a flirty conversation with him. Poor guys, they really are led around by their d***s! =P haha.

  • don't change just to make a guy like you!

    be the nice person you are, and the right guy will appreciate you for you

  • You don't need to worry about a guy noticing you. You should be the one noticing him. Every guy I've ever met says when it comes to meeting new people, girls have the better situation, because if a girl is outgoing, courageous, and confident in herself enough to talk to a total stranger guy, she obviously has the power to decide which guy she likes. Remember that relationships, especially new ones, are a leap of faith. You gotta take risks for someone else to trust you, and feel comfortable around you. I'm not saying point and demand the hottest guy in the room approach you, but don't be afraid to break the ice for no reason in the elevator. If a someone speaks to you, isn't it at least polite to respond? Shy girls and guys have to buck up that courage and be assured in that if chat goes sour, or the person just isn't your type, or you aren't theirs, drop it and move on. "hot snotty girls" and "good girls" who do get guys have one thing in common. They look like they don't need anyone but themselves to walk tall. Some hot girls end up treating guys like crap because they actually don't need anyone, and are not looking for a long term relationship. Hence petty drama, cheating, and general guy-abuse. Guys, and most girls, unless you're into the wounded type >_>, I like to think are the same in that respect. Shouldn't you have someone who is as awesome as yourself?

  • Guys like the challenge/chase.

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