Why do guys overlook good girls?

OK I always hear nice guys complaining that girls don't like them but I don't even think they like nice girls. they always chase after girls that treat them like crap but completely ignoring girls that would actually be treating them right...so what do guys really want and what makes you overlook a girl? I'm tired of being overlooked do I have to become that hot snotty girl to get guys to notice me? they say they don't want that but it seems like mouth candy to me


Most Helpful Girl

  • it's allll a game.. life is a game ...

    You might be that girl that would treat them just like a god if you got with them and that is fine but first you have to reel them in and to do that you have to make them chase you.

    Don't be so nice at the beginning all the time... act tough but cute and flirty at the same time

    once you have them and they are interested be who you really are and if they like it they will stay around and if they don't then they will move on... not your loss because they obv weren't the right one for you