Why do guys lead girls on?

you know you start talking to a guy and he says the sweetest things and makes you feel so special but then he either just stops all together or you find out there's another girl or he gives you lame answers. why is that? do you guys just like breaking hearts?


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  • Yes we Do! Bottom line! If you keep going after assholes then you shouldn't be surprise. A guy that knows he can get any girl. Will just find easy girls like you to intimidate with sweet words and charm just so that he can feel that he still has it. Some guys like leaving girls wanting more so they can get laid faster (which really works) and if he already has a girl, then maybe he just needs a little excitement in his relationship an just wants to have fun with you. Or maybe you mention kids in the first ten minutes that you knew him (real bad mistake). Just stop expecting the best in people because that's just stupid. Guys don't really reach maturity until the age of 35 so don't be expecting little Mr. Romeo if your in high school college especially in grade school. And if you yourself are a flirt and just look forward too getting compliments everywhere you go then your life will be miserable and you'll find yourself heart broken and lonely. Because for us men a flirt is like a girl you can just nail, leave her the next day, never call her back, and not feel bad about it.

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      I guess what you're saying is kinda true, although I am NOT an easy girl! but I think that most guys especially high school/first and second year college guys just want to have fun with a bunch of different girls. I guess I just let myself fall too easily.

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      No girl will admit to that.. lol but just use this as an experience and have your eyes open wide open next time, because the men you should star away from usually have a big sign in their forehead, if they call you over using words like your a toy (sexy, cutie, fine ass etc) that's when you should remove that blond wig of your head lol jk! but seriously don't get fool again