Can you seriously sue someone over something stupid like talking crap on the internet?

something stupid like talking crap on the internet?

iv seen a few people on this sight say 'i gonna sue you.. yea you might wanna shut up..'

i mean come on that's lame

can you seriously sue someone for that?

if so do people actually sue someone theyv never met for calling them an asshole or something?


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  • I think you can sue for slander against someone. But out of my whole criminal law class, that was the part that I zoned out on lol. I think if it seriously affects someone like bullying, losing a job, or suffering a bad public perception, then something could probably be done. And anymore it seems like if you breathe the wrong way you can be sued. The usual Internet flame wars don't seem legal worthy.

    I also think I have an idea of what made you ask this question too lol...all the BS today?

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      You mean libel (slander is spoken lol). Just calling someone an asshole wouldn't be enough to win a defamation case since it's an opinion, which means it's protected. Besides, having someone insult you on a site like this isn't exactly damaging to your reputation, so it doesn't even make sense to sue.

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      Yeah, libel is what I was looking for.