Do accents make a person more attractive? Guys and Girls what do you think?

Well the other day I was at work and this older woman who was new just started and I had never spoken to her yet. So I asked her for some help because of what she did at the store and I noticed she had a european accent. After hearing her talk, she seems more attractive and approachable to me.

So is it the same for girls and other guys and if so what kind of accents? Maybe its just me because I have somewhat of an accent developed here even though I was born in Canada.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I melt when I hear an Irish or British accent. Same with Spanish. I love listening to men with accents.

    I also love talking to anyone with an accent. I grew up with my grandparents having a British accent (even though it has faded a bit since it's been more than 40 years since they moved to Canada from England), but I enjoy talking to people with accents. But men with a British or Irish or Spanish accent honestly make me melt.