What does it mean when a guy calls you sexy?

This guy told me I`m sexy, what does that mean? He just wants to bang?


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  • That would mean your really hot, gorgeous and he's ready to mingle with you. And probably yes, he wants to bang bang bang, but the question is do you want to bang him?

    • Yes. Lol.

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    • <<< very much a man

    • :D

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  • LOL, there's not enough to infer from a guy just calling you "sexy".

    You shouldn't read so much into it, because it's nothing more than a complement. Although...how he said it, and the context he said it in may give some explanation.

  • It means you're really attractive. It could mean he wants to bang.

  • id feel good if some girl called me sexy if she actually really liked me but if she was just trying to get into my pants then id probably be offended. Depends really on they guy.

    • depends really on the* guy. for f***s sake my english is getting worse!

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  • No, he thinks you're sexy. he thiks you're hot