She wants to pay? What does that mean?

Last night I went out on a first date with a girl and I paid for everything. We hit it off well and she wants to go out again but she is insistant upon being the one to pay for everything next time we go out. I've never had a girl offer to pay for me before, much less be insistant upon it. What does this mean? Is it a bad thing?

If she had a good job like I do it wouldn't seem so odd but the thing is she doesn't get paid nearly as much as I do and can't really afford to do this, yet she is insisting upon it.


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  • Could be a number of things... It could just be that she wants to be modern and not do the typical guy pays for dates thing... Maybe she wants to set the tone that she's independent and doesn't need you to pay her way...especially if as you said you make more than her...since you are both aware of your difference in income, she may want to set the record straight that it doesn't mean she can't hold her own or that she's not with you cause of what you have... Maybe she really enjoyed the date and wants to do the same for you in return...


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  • She probably is trying to make a good impression on you. If she agreed to go on a second date then she is interested. Women hear all the time about how men hate that women don't at least "make a reach for the check" when we're out on dates. We're told that guys should pay in the beginning but at the same time we hear that guys would like it if we offered. So she's probably trying to show you that she's not the gold digger type and likes you for your company and not your wallet. I would say it's a good thing.

  • It means that she wants to pay for the food next time

  • she just wants to be equal. and not feel she's depending on you. kind of non old fashion.


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  • If she was overly persistent on paying for the first date, then you might get a little worried. In that case I'd say she wasnt interested and didn't want to seem like she was taking advantage of you.

    On the second date, however, she could be doing one of two things:

    A. Offering just to seem nice. (like everyone does in hopes of being shot down)

    B. She really wants to pay.

    If she insists on let her. You don't want it to turn into a heated argument.

    • Not the first date, she was fine with me paying the first date. its the second date she wants to pay for.

    • I was just saying that it would be worse news on the first date. But the problem. Maybe she's not into chivalry or just really wants things to be equal.

  • She doesn't want you to think she's a free loading good digger. Maybe she's equal..could mean anything. Don't worry about it.