What does it mean when a girl says hello to you but isn't smiling (whether the girl is shy or not)?

Question says it all: does it mean anything if a girl says hello to you but isn't smiling when she says hello (whether is girl is shy or not)?


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  • Yup, I agree. She could be having a bad day, is tired, in a bad mood or you caught her off guard. It's hard to tell. Do you say hi to her first? It's possible she's just being nice and saying hi back, but for me it's because of one of the reasons stated before.

    • Alright, Thank You!

    • It's possible she felt like she was coming on too strong by approaching you to say hi since after all you guys aren't really friends. The looking is definately a sign she's into you especially if it's happened more than once. She's distracted by you and probably thought you wouldn't notice if she snuck a glance. Do you talk to her outside of school? Getting to know her better will make it easier and comfortable for her to approach you. Start out as friends and invite her to hang out sometime.

    • Yeah, I have been saying hi to her a lot recently and she doesn't really smile when I say hi to her but she says hi back all the time. she still hasn't restarted her habit of coming to me and saying hi. another thing I noticed recently was that whenever she is at her friend's locker, she wouldn't look in her friend's locker or at her friend but would look in my direction (I saw her doing this like 5 times) but she would look at friend if friend started to talk to her. Does this mean anything?

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  • she mite be or desnt want to be bother. so if she is not smilin jjust say hello back. because it will at least make he smile in da inside.

  • hmm so. when I say hello and don't smile, I had a bad day. or is currently in a bad mood. it depends on the girl in question. if she's shy, then... she's shy. if she isnt, then she either is not happy or something like that.but basically I always smile when I say hi. =) so yeah.

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  • It means that she is simply greeting you, dipsh*t. Evidently, you are not exciting enough to garner a smile.