Why do men hate drama?

why do men hate drama? emotionally weak girls? why is it such a turn off?

Im very fortunate to have a good network of friends and family. My first love was a really bad experience. He took his anger out on me so emotionally broke me down, and I've since developed insecurities low confidence/over sensitive etc.
Gosh this has been like therapy for me. its not fair to take it out on the next guy that comes into my life who is well meaning and wants a relationship. Thank you everyone for replying to my questions! x


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  • wait, are you saying that you like drama?

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      No, I don't like drama, I'm actually a well rounded normal person with my friends, fmaily and colleagues....its just a problem when it comes to guys I like...see my first love was a really bad experience, and since then I lhave lacked confidence to go into relationships so unfortunately I'm over sensitive and insecure, that comes out every now and then etc...guy I like know about my past but still I think my insecurities/low self esteem put them off...what do you think?

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      My first love was such a bad experience that I didn't date guys for 4 years!! he has since apologised to me so I have got my closure. I have met a fantastic guy who has built up so much of my confidence and so for him, I will try not to give him any shit! unfortunatley, every now and then, I panic, question his motives...poor guy! I hope you girlfriend will one day see and appreciate how much of a great boyfriend you are and try to change for you, because most guys would run a mile from that kind of a person!

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      Yeah well, I'm not counting on it. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the rational and irrational fears we have developed throughout our life experience. Anyone who has ever been abused would be foolish not to look out for themselves. On the other hand some behavior invites abuse... it's a fine line.