Why do guys flirt then ignore?

this happened recently. Why do guys act like they like a girl and flirt with them one day and then ignore them the next day?


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  • Well its 2 things.

    1. Guys don't require constant communication. Many times a girl thinks a guy is ignoring her when it his mind he's not, because going a day without talking is a big deal to a girl, to a guy its not.

    2. Guys who are good with girls, employ this technique. It's hard to do since we naturally DON'T want to ignore the person we really like. Guys who good "game" know that this idea of planting the seed then ignoring makes a girl go crazy for you, like it is now. You don't realize it but this behavior makes you almost want him more. It has to do with the fact that by him ignoring you, if places his at a perceived higher status. You all of a sudden wonder why he isn't interested in you and subconsciously you reason that its because he must be of higher status that you. This in turn makes you want to win him over even more because women are innately born with the desire to mate with the highest status men, aka the alpha males.

    • that is totally true

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    • I don't entirely agree. I regularly catch myself doing this because I'm afraid to talk to her again, even if the first time went okay. I fear another conversation, because I don't wish to mess up... and then I unconsciously ignore her until I realize that fact, but then it's often already too late.

    • Well scoopie you basically fall into point one then. Like you said, you basically don't realize you are ignoring them. Your reasons for your lack of awareness is a bit different than what I listed, but its the same concept non the less. But yes, sometimes its out of shyness and the guy doesn't even realize he's avoiding her because he is simply placing him self in a state that feels comfortable.

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  • Well, this usually happens to me because I try to flirt with a girl, and she doesn't reciprocate at all. And I feel like a miserable failure in ever trying to get her attention. And I stay away from her, because she isn't interested in me in the slightest. And that's why I flirt and then ignore.

  • because guys love to flirt.:)


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  • Maybe because they already have girlfriends. I'd say ignore them back and don't acknowledge them.

    • in which case, you just continue to play the game... which is useless and has no point at all...

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    • You sound like one of those independent "I don't need no man" kind of woman.

    • Why just because I made a point of not giving into how a guy wants to play a girl when it suits him. You seem too quick to stereo type. Do you consider a girl to be too needy of a guy if she decided to give him attention even if when he's been ignoring her?!