Why do guys ignore girls they like?

Why do guys ignore girls they like?? There’s this guy I’ve known for about five years. We’ve become really good friends and have been flirting a lot back and forth to each other. We email constantly and talk on the phone for at least half an hour every now and then.

The last time we saw each other, around Christmas, we talked for over two hours and once gazed in each other’s eyes for several seconds. That has never happened to me before and it felt great. He finally broke the gaze, looked down, and had an embarrassed-looking smile on his face. Later, when he was taking me home, he was talking about his house and said the next time I’m in town (I live several states away and won’t be home until the summer) we can just meet at his house (which is unusual for him to say as he’s very shy as am I).

But ever since I’ve gone back to my city for work (which was around the first of the new year), I’ve sent him a few emails and have tried to call him a couple times leaving one voice message. You know - just keeping in touch. Absolutely nothing from him - no response from the emails, no returning my calls, nothing. I even sent him a funny email over the weekend and that didn’t even get anything. Usually when I sent a funny email to him he’d respond and pick and tease me.

Here’s my question - he obviously likes me as he’s been flirting with me a lot (or at least that’s what I think). So why is he suddenly ignoring me? What did I do wrong and what can I do to break this out of him since it’s extremely annoying and I’m getting sad and angry at the same time. I’ve tried ignoring him back (the funny email was the first contact I’d made to him in about 10 days so that’s a start), but it’s so hard as I can’t stop thinking about him. It’s almost like he knows I like him, so he flirts just enough for me to go crazy, then he stops. He’s not married and not in a relationship.
Why do guys ignore girls they like?
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