Why do guys ignore the girls they like? I mean like seriously what gives!!!!!

Its really bugging me a lot. I met up with this guy at a mutual friends party, we hit it off real nice and we had a lot of things in common, he took my number and we chatted on the phone and texted a lot and hung out together with the same friends. He always said this a lot that "you're so cool, I've never met a girl like you, I like you a lot or I would love to marry you" (of course I didn't say I would wanna marry you too because we aren't in any relationship & he hasn't even asked me out yet! so I thought maybe he's a bit shy & is testing the waters before asking me out so I always gave a positive response like I think you're cool & awesome too. But when he said I would love to marry you few times I said how would you know Because we aren't even dating so all he said was "Well you never know", but he & I would still chat and text, lately he's ignoring me a lot like if I text him he doesn't even reply, I only text once so I'm not some texting stalker, so I texted him lets hang out and he didn't reply. He's not dating anybody else because I asked my friends who know him real well and he also said he's not with any1. He definitely liked me more than a friend but now he's so cold. Why do guys ignore the girls they like! and OK people even if you don't have any idea for my situation then at least answer the main question as to why guys ignore the girls they like on purpose!
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also I went on vacations to France because my granny lives there so I've had this french sim I switch to because its cheaper and he asked my friend to give him my other number so that he would speak to me there and he called me there too! he doesn't ignore me in front of our friends though, but like he's drifting away on a personal level , and people don't bother giving mean answers that he ain't givin you any attention blah blah all I'm askin is y do guys do this sometimes or often whichever way you put it.
Why do guys ignore the girls they like? I mean like seriously what gives!!!!!
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