Why would a guy ignore a girl's messages after previously showing interest in her?

I saw him at the talk and he's the head of the society. He half smiled at me when I went in, as I went in late. Then when I was going to leave, he was standing by the door and he asked me how I am, and all the while he was staring right in my face. I felt really flustered and it seemed as though he did too and then I asked him how he was and then he thanked me for coming and then I left.

Later on there was another event, but I couldn't make it on the times that they were selling the tickets, and so he said he could save me a ticket and I could come pick it from him later on on a day he would be in when id be free

I couldn't make it in the end, and I wasn't sure if it meant he liked me or not

Since then we;ve chatted on Facebook a few times but recently he's totally ignored my messages, I asked him a general question that he totally ignored, then I asked him something else as I thought it wasn't a big deal he didn't reply to the other messages and then he totally ignored me again and then I thought he's busy with exams so I should leave him alone, and after a month I decided to message him saying he must be really busy and he's totally ignored me again :(

I feel really upset and I don't understand why he would do this, I Haven't even really showed I like him, so I don't see why he should distance himself from me like this

Does this mean he really doesn't like me? I'm so confused considering I feel he's the one who initiated it all by looking at me like that that time

Does anyone have any insight into his behavior ?

thanks :(
Why would a guy ignore a girl's messages after previously showing interest in her?
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