Why does my friend ignore me around others?

My friend is really nice to me when I'm on my own but when I get attention in the friendship group, she completely ignored me and insults me in front of the others in the group

I'm quite tall and I'm the tallest girl in our friendship group so when we were all sitting together I couldnt fit my legs under the table so the other girls said 'it's because your so tall' but she said 'you're so lanky' in an agressive way

Sometimes especially if one of the girls comes up to me and hugs me or lots of people pay me attention she will walk ahead of me aggressively and I have to catch up with her.

Another time she was handing out chips to the friendship group and I took a chip and then took another chip and she rolled her eyes really obviously

Another time we were sitting with two guys and she completely ignored me and spoke to the other guys. Whenever the guy complimented her she would look at me and say 'did you hear what he said about me? He said I was beautiful' - but when the guy was talking to me or giving me attention, she kept insulting me, bringing up embarrassing things from the past and humiliating me and being sarcastic with everything I said. then after staring at me for ages, she grabbed a chunk of my hair in her hands and told me how long it was

Another time, I said that I used to message guys a lot for attention and she rolled her eyes.

I get on really well when it's just the two of us, but when we are in a group, I always feel left out and ignored by her. Why does my friend ignore me when we are around others?
Why does my friend ignore me around others?
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