Shy guys, why do they tend to ignore the girl they like?

For the past two months this guy in one of my classes has been showing all sorts of signs that he is interested in me. He is always smiling around me. He makes quite a lot of eye contact with me. He makes a lot of effort to be seen by me and face my direction. He also acts silly and nervous like one time he was pretending to be swinging around but was really looking to see if I was looking at him. This went on every single day. I didn't really realize it at first but once I did I started to smile back at him and make eye contact so he'd know I was acknowledging his stares. We had a discussion in class and he chose to debate against me and he was very into or conversation. He leaned in really close but was flushed the entire time. I understood he was into me but then he started these intervals of ignoring me for a few days then going back to normal by staring and smiling again. He seems pretty shy around me as he blushes and looks away when I notice him staring. It seems like whenever he does a lot to show interest and I realize it, the next few days he completely backs away and ignores me. I thought he was just un-confident so I decided to make more eye contact with him. This past week I think he finally realized I was looking at him a lot, as much as he was looking at me, and he became very shy! He was walking to his seat and I looked up at him and of course he was looking at me and then he sat down and wouldn't look at me. He seemed happy but looked very uncomfortable as if he was self-conscious of me looking at him. It's important to note that I am very shy myself and I only realized how he might be feeling because I react the same way to when he has stared at me for a long time. Does this mean he likes me? He still ignored me the day after that too. I just don't understand
Shy guys, why do they tend to ignore the girl they like?
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