Do shy girls ignore a guy they have a crush on?

There's a girl at college that I like, she's shy and anxious but comes out of her shell and gets talkative and bubbly if she wants to, I only spoke to her occasionally so we're not close friends or anything, more like acquaintances.

I noticed her behaviour changed around me compared to last year and I can't figure out if she started to hate me or not


Looked at me in my eyes during conversations 1:1, acknowledged my existance whenever we passed eachother, treated me normal all around, never really saw her "around" me.


Looks down or stares at her friend pretending I don't exist when I pass her (even ignored my hello one time), only talks to me when we are in a group of friends with short questions and answers, avoids looking at me the whole time, prefers talking to my friends, see her "around" often (often sits or stands in my line of vision), complimented me indirectly (a friend complimented me and she agreed with him) [maybe she was just trying to be polite here idk]

Do shy girls ignore a guy they have a crush on?
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