Does this girl like me? I have such a big crush on her.

I really don't know how one single girl can do this to me, but I can’t stop thinking about her, having dreams about her, I can’t even get my school work done because the thought of her is flooding my mind.

At school this girl who isn't in my year, nor in any of my classes so I find it hard to approach her since I feel that I have never spoken a single word to her and I have no appropriate conversation starter from a person who she would perceive me as a stranger.

well I’ve noticed that she does give me eye contact and she may even lock it 1-2 seconds (best feeling ever) but there’s no smile that I notice of, but I do notice that sometimes I feel like she’s ignoring me to the point where she shows no interest in me at all (could she be really shy? Do shy girls avoid eye contact with the person they like?) I might be feeling like this because I want her to seek me out as much as I do her. I’ve noticed a few times that she usually takes a peek at me first when I’m waiting for the bus of a morning but still she may be just looking to see if I’m looking at her or just taking in the surroundings.

Another time when a few students was waiting to get on the bus as I approached the bus in the corner of my eye I noticed she was looking my way (Though I can’t prove this since I don't have good peripherals), she then fairly quickly turned slightly to her friend and started biting her nails. I immediately, “Oh yeah I think she might like me!” but what could something like this also mean?

I’ve noticed that some of her friends do look at me and quite often, but I’m not sure if they are looking because they like me? One of her good mates who I’ve never talked with before time added me on Facebook just recently but she hasn’t actually said anything to me, so I was kinda disregarding that as a sign.

She seems the kind of girl who’s interested in her studies, not in a popular group and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her talk to or hang out with one guy this year so, I’m hoping I could be the first one!

This is seriously annoying me, and I also hate the fact that I haven’t grown the balls to go and approach her. From the signs above, does she like me? What do you shy girls do when you like/really like a certain someone? What would be a good conversation starter or a good reason to start a conversation to a girl like this?

Sorry for the long read, I wanted to get as much details across as I can.
Does this girl like me? I have such a big crush on her.
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