My crush still stares back at me when our eyes meet. Is he still interested?

This has been going on for 4 months now. In the beginning he used to stare at me a few min. long.I stared back at him,cause I was attracted to him instantly, but looked away now and then, this went on for like 4 days until I saw him with an attractive girl,so I thought he was a player, he ignored me,I was hurt. Therefore I ignored him when he passed my table looking at me.

I thought I got over him, noticed another guy, liked the other guy.Those days I saw my crush 2/3 times & he was glancing at me.

Then one day I noticed my first crush again & fell for him again.He avoided me.I gave up, cause I thought he wasn't interested or maybe was hurt. Still whenever I saw him I couldn't take my eyes off of him.

A week later, we were staring at each other when we pass each other or when we see each other. He blushed three times when one of his friends was near.

I only blushed & smiled once very briefly, because he stood close to me and he was staring at me while his friend had a smile on his face and was looking at the floor.

He looked mad/angry once. Some of his friends smiled when

they individually saw us in the same room or when we passed each other. And when he's with his friends, they stare too. We also ignored each other a lot. (Me: because I'm shy, I feel uncomfortable due his mixed signals... for a while I didn't have the courage to look him in the eye).

One day all his friends stared, my crush passed me.. he smiled then glanced at me and looked away quickly cause I looked at him. After that day I didn't see him for two weeks..

Then after those two weeks I saw him again, he walked pass me glanced at me and then, quickly looked away, cause I looked at him.

Last week I saw him again, I was with a friend of mine, at first my crush didn't noticed us, but then he and his friend noticed us and were staring at me the whole time while I was talking to my friend (my friend was in a room, I was standing behind the door, there was no flirting going on just a casual talk).

When I wanted to leave, my crush & his friend were still staring at me, I felt uncomfortable and ignored eye-contact.

I saw him again today. I didn't expected to see him. When I passed a table I saw him, We locked eyes, until I looked away. This happened twice cause I passed him twice.

Is he still interested?

I'm bothered by this, because I'm really in to him, due to the mixed signals I lack showing him signs of interest (expect for staring or glancing) Now I don't even dare to look him in the eyes or dare to pass him by unless it happens by accident & we lock eyes by accident. He is confident, popular has lots of attractive female friends, so he is not shy, yes he blushed, but why didn't he smile or show me signs or approached me?

Is he a player and is he using me for ego stroke/boast? Does he find me creepy and annoying..he started the staring when I first sawing him, I was walking down the stairs and noticed he was staring at me...

Please help me, I'm confused and hurt.
My crush still stares back at me when our eyes meet. Is he still interested?
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