Overthinking about my crush?

I have a small but rather major concern. In my last semester, there was this guy that sat in the row behind my row in class and I developed a crush on him. I saw him every time I had class and was very attracted to him. You can say I was a bit strung out on him because whenever I saw him, I felt strong tension between us. One problem..I never found out his name. I never talked to him nor has he talked to me but my body language was strong and the tension was tangible to say the least. I felt as if we did say something, things would happened but I never reached out of my bubble. There were times where we would meet each others' eyes but we both looked away, my reason because I was super shy, his reason unknown. After that semester, I thought I wouldn't see him again...I was wrong.

On Thursday, I was sitting on the floor with my friend waiting for our class to go inside. Out of nowhere, my crush came from around the corner and stopped literally 5 feet away from me. He turned his head in my direction (not sure if he was looking at me or just in my direction) then turned his head the other way as if he was looking for someone. Then he turned his head back again and met my eyes, holding them longer than the usual stare and it was as if he recognized me as his face lightened up and he focused his stare. Then he turned around and went back around the corner. Mind you, I was staring at him the whole time and only looked down once from him. But when he stared at me, directly in my eyes, I had suddenly felt the courage to talk to him but as soon as my mind could process that thought, he had already left.

Please tell me if there is something or if I am over thinking things because I can't get him out of my mind.

P.S: I crush hard so that's why the crush was still there.
Overthinking about my crush?
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