Why do I catch my crush staring at me in class? Does he like me?

I have a crush on this guy (he is in all of my classes and lunch). Anyways. We either sit near each other or on other sides of the room (he is in the front, and I am in the back for most classes, except science)

I always get this feeling that someone is looking at me, and then I will look up and see that he is staring at me. Then we either 1) stare at each other for a few seconds, and then break eye contact. 2) one of us breaks eye contact immediately (usually him, and he blushes or smiles and looks away quickly). 3) gives me a smirk like he knows he's been caught, but is proud. 4) looks like he's zoned out, but his eyes will roam and look for mine if I am looking on that side of the room

other things he does that make me wonder if he likes me:
1. sits really close to me if he needs to tell the whole lunch table something (I sit with some of his best girl friends, and he just gets really close, like no space in between)
2. if I am in a certain area, he will come over (he looks around to find me, and then comes over)
3. teases me, but that is very rare
4. doing small things for me (I have a latex allergy, and I need special band aids at school because I cut my self, and he went looking for latex free band aids, even though it was minor)
5. he sometimes gives me food he has left over if I'm still hungry (we both love to eat A LOT, so for us to share our food with some one is very rare)
6. agrees with stuff i say a lot
Why do I catch my crush staring at me in class? Does he like me?
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