Why is he ignoring me all of sudden? Guys why do you ignore girls all of sudden when you were talking back and forth?

This guy and me started talking a week ago he always texted first and everything an we talk like almost for hours and since two days he did not text or call so I decided to message him yday sayin what's going on on whatsapp he came online read it and never replied and he has been comin online but not even bothering to reply back at all! Why is he ignoring me all of sudden? I only messaged once I am not gonna message him so I don't come off as a needy girl but why would guys ignore girls they are into all of sudden? And what should I do? This is driving me nuts since past two days! Somebody help me!


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  • I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to prophet salifu for bringing my husband back to me, I was married to my husband for 4 years and all of a sudden he started seeing another lady (his mistress). he started hailing at me and he was abusive.. and he hated me , but I still loved him with all my heart. the situation made me unsettle and not to focus at work. so a friend told me about trying (prophet salifu ) spiritual means to get my husband back and introduced me to him? i did not listen to her and hoped that my husband will come back home. after 9 month of seperation and depression , it got out of hand and my husband came back home to break the news to me that he want a divorce that he is getting married to his mistress . Hmmm it was so shocking to me , i felt sad and more depressed , so i contacted my friend again and decieded to try to use spiritual means reluctantly.. although I didn't believe in all those things? I never thought in a million years that i will get my husband back to me a again. but I was proved wrong. after 24 hours, my husband came back and was pleading.. he had realized his mistakes.. i just couldn't believe it that we are back together. I am deeply satisfied and thankful with prophet salifu work . if you also want to fix you marriage or relationship email him at prophetsalifu@yahoo. com or prophetsalifu@gmail. com , his work is for a better life.


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  • if he likes you and he feels that you dont like him that way or heard something or saw u do something that made him fall back

    • Well the night before he started ignoring we talked dirty over texts and the last thing he said was I am hard very hard lol so now he's not replying.. I m feeling very insulted coz after that talk he hasn't msgd and when I did he's ignoring me

    • what the Lol well uhh when he said that what exactly did u say to that haha

    • I said lol I'm sorta wet too and he never replied lol this is really embarrassing

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  • I'm going to guess that it was something he wanted but didn't get so he moved on and is now ignoring ya. Happens quite a lot.