Guys, why do guys always flirt but have no intentions of dating me?

I've come to the realization that men really don't want me because I'm black. I used to think that the flirting meant I was attractive but I think they look at me as a joke

they always see me by myself, and I'm darkskin so that makes me an easy target. they'll start flirting and getting my attention with NO intention on asking me out. this alway happens to me. I can't think of ONE serious relationship offer that I've ever received in my life

There was this one guy who kept flirting with me and then he would completely diss or ignore me around a lighter skinned girl. He even got her number and tried to date her. The same scenario keeps repeating itself. Another black guy flirted with me, lead me on and acted very interested and then he dissed me for a biracial girl. He would make sure he was seen walking around the building with her and would totally ignore me when she was around. If he was by himself he'd approach me and speak. Both black and white guys (the ones who have interest in black girls) do this

I went to the grocery market and this white guy with kids is flirting with me. I ignore it because I know he's just using me. They see me by myself and they think nobody wants me so they toy with me. I have to be with a man or else people will think Im not desirable

I dont even want to leave the house because it keeps on happening. I want to just wear a hat and not show my face anymore because im starting to become ashamed of being a black woman

Finding one man willing to marry me is not gonna make me feel better about myself because I have no value or status whatsoever

I really feel suicidal
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I need to know how come no one wants me
Guys, why do guys always flirt but have no intentions of dating me?
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