When does a guy start to miss you and want you to contact him again?

My guy friend told me to leave him alone as he was hurt with something I told him..Only after he told me this, did I realize how much I like him and want him back.My question is how long do I wait till I contact him? I know he will never contact me first as I shattered his self esteem so how long is enough where he would have missed me and wants to to email him?

It's been already 4 weeks this Monday so I'm thinking the end of next month or is that too soon?

Even though my last email to him I did apologize and told him if he ever wanted to talk, I was just a click away and he has yet to respond..But I have a feeling this is more out of stubbornness that he has not yet responded but not sure?
Thanks for your response but this is so complicated with us that I'm scared to contact him but I do know he does or did like me so I know he is missing me..Funny thing is, he lives literally 5 mins from me, I can see his apartment from my window ..
My friend did kind of the same thing..With our emails conversations, he would always act so cool and sometimes not answer me for a couple of days, (GAMES) but when he saw me, totally different person. your friend sounds like the same thing
Really? God I hope this is not the case..But if she made contact with you and said she did like you, I'm thinking maybe things could be different..Sure let's talk when-ever..I would love to talk about this more with you guys..


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  • Oh I was in the EXACT same situation, and if he's anything like my friend he may never respond. In my situation the guy was very unreliable (we were only friends), I constantly teased him and if he ever attempted to flirt I'd reply by teasing. It was probably because of this that he became extremely nonchalant and stopped bothering to contact me. After about 3 weeks of him being really unreliable and flippant towards me, I met him out while I was drunk and just saw red - said anything and everything I could to offend him.

    The next day I texted him to apologise and sent another text after that, neither of which he responded to. Eventually got a mutual friend of ours to explain I did respect him and was just drunk when I said those things, he replied to her saying he was very p*ssed off. After that he never spoke to me. A week later a sent an email and replied; 'point taken, lets get over it and move on'. After that he never spoke to me again for about 4 months when we met by chance.

    At the moment (I first said those things over a year ago) we are friendly, he replies to my texts and we have met up maybe once or twice. But he is still funny with me and I think part of him has still changed his mind about me forever. THe point is, this guy is ultra ultra stubborn and I've managed to regain some kind of friendship with him.

    But if your guys anything like mine there is NO point in letting him cool off, he's more likely to stew and get more angry. All you can do is unreservedly apologise and explain why you did what you did. If you both frequent the same gym/bar/club maybe go there in the hope of bumping into him, youve a much better chance of sorting things face to face and chances are he won't agree to that unless if happens by chance. Just try regain his trust. If he liked you he'd definitely be missing you after a month, no matter what you said so please please get in contact with him, don't let him stew any longer. I'm still working on my guy. Hope this helps.


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  • yeah I wouldn't wait any longer...I'd apologize to him and make your interest clear to him. Make it clear that you don't want to hurt his self esteem again. Make this contact clear and complete and total...because you aren't going to get another shot.

    If he fails to respond favorably to you, you will have to end it there and let it be. You have made your intentions clear and any further chase will only drive him further away.

    • As for your update, yeah let him go...let him work things out. Nothing more for you to do now.

  • i don't want to be the bad guy but he most likely will not I have had this happen to me as well I liked this girl soo much and she played games then we had a great date at the end we made out and stuff then she said I just want to be friends I was like you can't lead someone on like that and say something like tthat its wrong so I haevent talk to her senses

  • if you try and sit back and let time work its course then who knows it may take years.. it took me 4 1/2 years to finaly talk to the girl that hurt me years ago. and even now things are still awkward to us and never will be the same. her and I used to be best friends now we can barely talk to each other so I have a feeling unless you do something to change it you will end up in my same situation. so good luck and make sure you try and work things out if you care enugh for him to do so!

  • you can tell him about your weakness, don't feel shame about doing it. If he act cool, and make fun of you, then you know that he is not a kind of guy you are looking for. so that you can move on.


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  • I say contact him today. If you really hurt his self esteem its because you made him feel insecure. Call him on the phone and tell him personally that you miss him and you care about him. this should make him happy. If he still doesn't want to talk to you then deal with it then.

  • yea,i think you should talk to him in person instead of texting emailing or phone.apologizing in person is much more sincere and then tell him how you feel in person.i think this should get things back.good luck!

  • Yeah exactly the same with my guy, if I texted him it could be 3 or 4 hours before he'd respond, even though I know he always has his phone on him, which is kinda silly because if he was trying to be laid back why go to all the positive effort of waiting a few hours and then texting back?! And exact same thing, in person it was so different, he was so attentive and almost nervous in my presence which was strange for someone so confident and someone who acted like they didn't give a damn in their texts! I'll add you as a friend now if you wana talk further with me about it :-)