Why does this guy keep blocking/reaching out/messing with my head and what does he want with me?

We were on and off from 13 to 23 but we were never in a relationship.
I haven’t seen him in 5 years & we live in different countries now.

When we were older he started to drunk text/booty call me nearly every weekend and I didn’t want that because I had strong feelings for him and I didn’t want him to think of me as someone like that. So that’s how things ended between us because I always wanted more.

I began to ignore him but he continued to call/text when he was drunk telling me he missed me bla bla until he moved away. I would wake up to missed calls, missed FaceTimes, snapchats - everything. This went on for 5 years.

He asked to see me before he left but I was away for work. He left & I wished him the best. Since he left he’ll message me sometimes saying he misses me and that he still wants me. This has went on for the last 3 years.

He has a girlfriend now. One time he messaged saying he missed me, I replied the next day and asked how he was and he blocked me straight away. After that he kept adding and deleting me on snapchat etc. for a whole year! He added me again about a year ago and started talking to me normally, so I tried to be nice and replied. We started talking every day.

We were talking all the time, he said he was planning to move back and we were getting on really well. This led to sexting and he would ask me for nudes all the time and this went on for 10 months - all my feelings came back.

He wanted to FaceTime on Christmas day, Valentines Day and his birthday and my birthday. He was always reaching out to me and was making sure I was ok during lockdown as I live alone.

In the last month he got really drunk once and kept phoning me when I was at work (6 hour time difference) and asking me to send him boob pics, saying he couldn’t wait to sleep with me again etc etc..

I then found out that he was still with his girlfriend and they’ve just bought a home together! I asked him what was going on and he blocked me. Why would he just block me?
Why does this guy keep blocking/reaching out/messing with my head and what does he want with me?
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