What does beer taste like? Because when I tasted it, it burned and it was horrible?

i tasted it and its horrible


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  • Beer has it's own taste, much like carrots or steak. It doesn't taste like anything but beer.

    I agree that it tastes pretty bad, but many people really like it. I am sure there is a food that you don't like that other people do like. It is just like that.

    Also, many different alcohols will not taste very good. Many of them will burn when you drink them, but that is also part of the fun of drinking. I know, it is a bit weird. Sometimes, certain drinks are an aquired taste, but some drinks you just love right away.

    I actually recommend not drinking alcohol at all. Alcohol is actually a poison that your liver filters out. That is why it is called "alcohol poisoning."

    If you really are determined to drink beer, try mixing it with something. You can find all sorts of recepies online. The sake (sah-kay) bombs at a particular Japanese restaurant here in town are pretty good.

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      You're an idiot, like the guy below said it is an acquired taste, I didn't like it at first but I do now. Alcohol is not bad for you in moderation, just like eating candy it's totally fine to have once in a while as long as you don't go overboard. Also sake bombs are a mixture of sake and beer. Why would you tell her to try a drink with much more alcohol, if you think alcohol is bad?

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      Really, I'm an idiot for stating what I believe? Do we really have to resort to name-calling.

      I never once said that "alcohol is bad." If I did, I would like to see the quote. I just recommended that she not drink anyway.

      Also, I am not encouraging anything. The whole point of this site is to express your opinion to HELP someone. Clearly, in my post I stated that "certain drinks are an aquired taste."

      At any rate, you are not even old enough to legally drink alcohol anyway.

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      Guys plz dny fight about this dnt even make a big deal out of it...