What does beer taste like? Because when I tasted it, it burned and it was horrible?

i tasted it and its horrible


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  • Beer has it's own taste, much like carrots or steak. It doesn't taste like anything but beer.

    I agree that it tastes pretty bad, but many people really like it. I am sure there is a food that you don't like that other people do like. It is just like that.

    Also, many different alcohols will not taste very good. Many of them will burn when you drink them, but that is also part of the fun of drinking. I know, it is a bit weird. Sometimes, certain drinks are an aquired taste, but some drinks you just love right away.

    I actually recommend not drinking alcohol at all. Alcohol is actually a poison that your liver filters out. That is why it is called "alcohol poisoning."

    If you really are determined to drink beer, try mixing it with something. You can find all sorts of recepies online. The sake (sah-kay) bombs at a particular Japanese restaurant here in town are pretty good.

    • You're an idiot, like the guy below said it is an acquired taste, I didn't like it at first but I do now. Alcohol is not bad for you in moderation, just like eating candy it's totally fine to have once in a while as long as you don't go overboard. Also sake bombs are a mixture of sake and beer. Why would you tell her to try a drink with much more alcohol, if you think alcohol is bad?

    • Really, I'm an idiot for stating what I believe? Do we really have to resort to name-calling.

      I never once said that "alcohol is bad." If I did, I would like to see the quote. I just recommended that she not drink anyway.

      Also, I am not encouraging anything. The whole point of this site is to express your opinion to HELP someone. Clearly, in my post I stated that "certain drinks are an aquired taste."

      At any rate, you are not even old enough to legally drink alcohol anyway.

    • Guys plz dny fight about this dnt even make a big deal out of it...

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  • Tastes are different, I don't like it neither...

    It's just horrible as you've stated xD

  • It's bitter and an acquired taste, but I grew to like it in college.



    Tomass Carlton King/

  • try different kind of it that does not burn, try again and drink then drink more of it and you'll grow a belly like men (DISGUSTING!)

    • Shut the ********* up I can't believe you anwered my question like thata your mean

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    • Dont drink that sh*t, you are supposed to consume fruits and vegetables, nothing is more delicious that natural juice, who would replace that with brewed rotten grains and alcohol? people are killing themselves, and then asking WHY?? WHY ARE WE SUFFERING FROM DISEASES AND ILLNESSES!!!

    • Agreed

  • dont worry my tongue tastes a lot better


    • Ewwww you are so grose if that's not a joke..

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  • beer doesn't tend to burn, it's a bitter drink. but I agree, it does taste horrible.

  • I can't drink some beers because I have acid reflux and it burns going down. If you get frequent heartburn then that might be it. Besides, your aren't 21 yet, you shouldn't even be drinking!

    • I dnt drink I was just curios and had a sip and it was gross,...never doing it again

    • Lol that's how my parents tried to get me and my sisters to not drink. Gave us something gross to taste ;)

  • Beer taste is horrible, bitter and weird, reminds grains, it's made using brewing process so that's how it gets disgusting taste. It doesn't burn though.

  • Thats not beer you tried that's sounds like some form of hard liquor because those are very strong and burn when you drink them because they have a high alcohol content. Beer has a low alcohol content and has a type of taste that I can't describe just make sure you know what you are drinking.

  • beer and any kind of liqour taste horrible. people drink it to get drunk not for taste.

  • beer only tastes like beer. its a bitter taste and all alcohols burn when they go down your throat, its basically a poison.

  • alcohol doesn't taste good when you first try it. it is an acquired taste. at first, what you will like is the feeling alcohol gives you, not the actual stuff! But when you build up your tolerance you will like the taste too. Your body can't handle alcohol when you first start drinking so go easy-or else you will throw up/black out which you do not want! beer shouldnt burn-its only around 4.2-5% unless its foreign (from eastern europe eg certain czech and polish beers)-in which case it goes up to about 12% (check the abv (alcohol content %) on the bottle itself. one unit of alcohol is about half a pint of beer so there's 2 units in a pint. women are meant to have max 14 units/week. which is like 7 pints. [21 for men because they have less body fat than women and so can metabolise it better]. your body isn't meant to be overloaded with alcohol. yes it is a poison but I would say drink in moderation if you do drink-eating junk food all the time will lead to obesity too. moderation in everything unless there's alcoholism in your family (if there is, don't drink!)

  • I personally do not like the taste. Some people have told me that they didn't like it till they got older.

  • It tastes gross, but some people like it. It is an acquired taste.

  • thats why I don't drink beer id rather have shots because it would go away right when drink soda..but beer ewww god its horrible its like killing you softly!

  • are you sure what you were drinking was beer? not that beer tastes like honey, but it certainly doesn't burn...there isn't enough alcohol in it to burn.