Push up bras

What do guys think of push up bras and padded bras? Are you disappointed when it comes off and you find out they are not as big or as perky as you expected?


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  • I think it is better to not wear push up bras because they just perpetuate the notion that small breasts are unattractive.

    • I actually agree with you and don't wear them myself but was wondering what guys thought when the bra comes off. I don't have small breasts but I wish I did they look so much better in clothes.

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    • I agree, big boob are really hard to work with. They cause a lot of frustration with me trying to find clothes, everything look bad or like you are trying to expose yourself

    • Hey I agree. I have to wear a padded bra actually. It's weird that back in the 60's you seen all shapes and size, but no all girls are generally the same size so it sucks that if I were to go without one people would be like whaa?

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  • Not at all. Only (mentally!)16yr old guys think that .

    There's NOTHING wrong with mature breasts. Sagging is normal.

  • It honestly does depend on how much padding there is in the bra. If it makes you look 1/2 a cup bigger, then guys usually don't mind too much. Yet if it's a full size to 2 sizes (which I haven't seen too much of), then men will obviously become disappointed. Bras, in my opinion, are meant to enhance and support, not to transform and change the way breasts look. I hope this helps and good luck!

  • I know this might seem like a big issue, for many guys it is. I am here to tell you though that I’m not one of those guys. Honestly I feel if she can accept me for the way I am built (or lack thereof) than I can accept her for the way she is. Very VERY rarely have I ever been disappointed in the way my partner looks as they undress, and even if she isn’t perfect, really I would never say anything about it, especially if she is wanting to be intimate with me. It is my goal to make her feel as sexy and desirable and as comfortable as she can be. Really I feel it’s more important to do this outside of the bedroom as well, we all want to feel good about ourselves, and honestly aren’t there enough pressures in the media and on TV making us all feel inadequate? I would like to believe there are more than a few other guys besides me that feel this way. I hope this helps some.

  • Lol, I've actually noticed several push-up bra commercials and they make me laugh; and while they are entertaining, I always think "THAT'S FALSE ADVERTISING!" If you think about it, the premise is kinda shallow, any woman who wears one would seem to have some kind of self-image issue with their breasts, For me, breast size is not a big deal, and I wouldn't hold it against a girl I like who wears them, I'll just say that they aren't necessary. But if you like the way you look with one, then by all means wear them, you likely won't get any protests from guys, lol.

    P.S. I would always put perkiness before size anyways, ( . Y . )

  • Reminds me of a great joke- "Do you know why they call them Wonder Bras? Because when you take them off you wonder where their t*ts went."

    Seriously though, it is a bit of false advertising (I mean how would girls like it guys walked around with a roll of quarters in their pocket) but at the same time, if a guy is only interested in you for your breasts, who cares what he thinks anyway.

  • I think they are a great accesory for any girl. I had a Girlfriend who loved to pull that out every now and then and it was great. The key being "now and then" if it is every day it is like saying a word 100 times in a row after a while it loses it's meaning and just sounds weird.

    If the dress works or would be amped by that, great.

    If not then just roll normal.

    Don't forget to that going bra less can be as sexy if not more sexy for many guys especially if they don't realize it until they put their hand on your back and don't feel a strap. That can trump a heaving chest and it's less public (still noticeable but more private).

    • Yea I always just wear my size bra no push-up. I have very large boobs so I still get compliments and no ones dissapointed;)

  • I can't speak for all guys but I find whatever makes my girl happy is fine by me. You can easily tell when someone isn't comfortable due to how their clothing is. When my girlfriend feels comfortable, so do I.

    I'm not a boob guy so I'll state that it doesn't matter. Big boobs, flat chest, doesn't matter, I've been with them all, doesn't concern me. I'm the type of guy that I'll find something that'll interest me than concerning myself with certain body parts. They way you look at me, the way you smile at me, the way you hug me can be a hundred times more critical than your breast size for example. Attitude above all else is what makes a girl very sexy to me.

    • Thank you for being so sincere. ^_^ This helped a lot ((im not the question asker -- it just perked my interest))

    • Aww. that so sweet.lucky girls 4 those that you hav gone out with. ^^

  • LMAO. I don't understand how any guy could be disappointed about that. Who cares about the actual freakin size. When the bra comes off... you are seeing the breasts. What is disappointing about that at all?

  • Push up bras under the right dress, low cut, make for a very hot view of her boobs. I've seen enough boobs in and out of a bra to no longer be fooled/disappointed when it finally comes off her. I've also seen enough boobs in and out of bras to know that for women who have had at least two kids their boobs may have lost their form out of a bra. The have become droopy. They only look so sweet inside of a bra. So again I'm too surprised in that situation.

    • That was supposed to be, "...not too surprised..."

  • It depends on the occasion I think. All the time might be a bit much. I think I mght be a bit disappointed bt at the end of the day f it's a girli care about then it wouldn't matter to me. I mean would you feel a bit disappointed if guys started stuffing thierry crotch only to find out that they have a small package? I have guess how big a girls bra size is and I usually get them wrong. My question to you is, is it better to guess bigger or smaller?

    • Lol I would say bigger for most girls.

  • Push up bras/ padded bras p*ss me off. They are nothing more than a lie just like make up. (I think most guys like make up though) Anything that alters a person's appearance does nothing but prove that person has low self esteam, which is not attractive. And yes, it is very disappointing to find out that a girl's boobs seemed to be perky and large turn out to be saggy or smaller. (the smaller doesn't matter as much as saggy)

  • Guys like boobs. Period. I'd think them not being as perky would be the only letdown to me, the size part of it wouldn't bother me. Either way you look at it unless your sporting like DD's then all of a sudden basically nothing I don't see any guys being disappointed, they still get to have fun!

  • yea, to be perfectly honest it would be a slight letdown...

    im not a big fan of any form of deception... to me a pushup bra is just a crappy version of plastic surgery which is another thing I think is kinda silly.

    but at the same time... I'm pretty sure id get over it fairly quickly... since I'm about to get laid :P

  • Push up is the only way to go, and a huge turn off is females who stuff their bras to make them bigger.

  • we generally expect that the boobs will not look anything like they do in a bra, but yes, we are somewhat disappointed every time, as if one time they will still be perky and big.

    I have 3 girl housemates all of which have very small breasts (almost non-existent) and sometimes they look like they have breasts and I know it is literally all bra. there is like nothing under there. they will wear B cup bras under their clothes that are literally hollow. when I see them in a tight tanks without a bra they are absolutely flat. if I was a guy who didn't know this I would likely be quite disappointed when I had sex with them.

  • I don't really care because boobs are boobs regardless of size shape or form...

  • perosnally I don't like them because girls should jsut be themselves

    on the other hand...

    i know a girl who has small boobs cause she still going through puberty an cause push up bras make your breasts look bigger she only wears push up bras because well you get the point

  • i think they are a tease. it might be okay if you have extremely small boobs. but other than that, I think they should not be considered :]

  • To an extent yes, but if I'm really attracted to the girl...not at all...

  • I'm irritated when this happens, but it's a fact of life.

    Much worse to find out the girl who you thought wasn't a frigging hippie still finds it alright to go out with unshaven legs, armpits and is sporting a GNP.

  • Hmmm

    We guys like boobs more than year face or anything else.

    and When you put year bra off he'll (yr bf) be disappointed knowing the real thing inside.

    So just be yourself and show what you got

  • Stop worrying about your breasts. stop it. If a guy falls in love with you, he will love them no matter what.

  • no dissapointment, I like flat chested women more than bigger-boobed women. On the whole

  • disappointed for sure but tats reality so in a moment I change my mind and then I accept it.

    so eventually everybody gets understanding.

  • padded bras=disappointment you look at them and when she take off nothing there lol

  • that's happened to me before and I was quite disappointed. a tease if any. just wear a normal bra and show your true size nothing wrong with that.

  • It's a time-waster for me. I mean, I spent so much time in the game, and when finally I take off her bra, I see her t*ts are not what I expected. Boobs are not the most important part of a girl, but they are still important. Anyway, I've learned to spot, by trial and error, what's real and what's fake (both push-up bras and boobs jobs).

  • id be more disappointed in the fact that a girl would do that to herself in the first place. for me (and probably for most guys), breast size/shape doesn't really matter that much


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  • lol. that is so funny. yeah love this question.

  • They should just be happy enough to get it off you

  • haha I can't wear them, I rememebr trying one on and it looked like my boobs where up in my face. my boobs are big and perky as they are, so I don't need to wear things like that.

  • I think push ups are great. They don't really make your boobs themselves look bigger, but they increase your cleavage and make you look sexier. Padded bras are extremely fake and I judge any girl who I know wears padded bras or stuffs her bras.

  • i love push up bras lol

  • My boyfriend has seen me in my pushup bra and he says he likes pushup bras, but he also says he's sure I look good without a bra on even though I insist I don't because I don't think I do.

    He hasn't seen me braless so he wouldn't really know... but he likes boobs. Guys like boobs. So it probably doesn't matter.

    And honestly, if it does, like if a guy likes you until you take your bra off, then screw him he wasn't worth it anyway.

  • By the time you get to taking the bra off its already on lol I doubt your turning back now.

  • when I was a kid I used to wear push up bras untill I was 15 when I actually had enough boobs...so now I don't wear them because its pointless and if I do id look like a pornstar!

    but if the gurl doesn't have that much of boobs and she'd feel better about herself ones she wears a push up bra then yeah why not. But I personally don't recommand it often..only those hot night out.. Yes otherwise.. keep it simple!

    am 24 and my boobs are not hard ,firm and perky as they used to be when I was 20 years old!

    although I still wear the same size! which is big...i hate the fact that re becmong siggier by the minute or even when I lose a little weight! they become saggier and saggier!

    its annoying.. its like your nose is getting longer or your eye lashes are getting shorter by time!lol they should remain Nice and Perky for the rest of ourlives Ha ***sigh***

  • In my experience guys like them, and sometimes even assume all girls are wearing them. I mean, I wouldn't wear a bra that made my boobs look like DDs if I was really just an A, but I don't even know what kind of bra can do that. In pushup bras my boobs look slightly better than they do without, but it doesn't make such a huge difference that I would forgo wearing it.

    • I wear a C and I'm thinking about buying the new Miraculous Push Up at Victoria's Secret..it says it increases your bust size up 2 sizes haha so we'll see. I don't sag cause I'm 25 years old but I love them being "up there" with clothes on...I like support and it's actually better for your back! But..I agree with you when you say an A shouldn't be tryin to look like a DD! haha