Push up bras

What do guys think of push up bras and padded bras? Are you disappointed when it comes off and you find out they are not as big or as perky as you expected?


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  • I think it is better to not wear push up bras because they just perpetuate the notion that small breasts are unattractive.

    • I actually agree with you and don't wear them myself but was wondering what guys thought when the bra comes off. I don't have small breasts but I wish I did they look so much better in clothes.

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    • I agree, big boob are really hard to work with. They cause a lot of frustration with me trying to find clothes, everything look bad or like you are trying to expose yourself

    • Hey I agree. I have to wear a padded bra actually. It's weird that back in the 60's you seen all shapes and size, but no all girls are generally the same size so it sucks that if I were to go without one people would be like whaa?

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  • Not at all. Only (mentally!)16yr old guys think that .

    There's NOTHING wrong with mature breasts. Sagging is normal.

  • It honestly does depend on how much padding there is in the bra. If it makes you look 1/2 a cup bigger, then guys usually don't mind too much. Yet if it's a full size to 2 sizes (which I haven't seen too much of), then men will obviously become disappointed. Bras, in my opinion, are meant to enhance and support, not to transform and change the way breasts look. I hope this helps and good luck!

  • I know this might seem like a big issue, for many guys it is. I am here to tell you though that I’m not one of those guys. Honestly I feel if she can accept me for the way I am built (or lack thereof) than I can accept her for the way she is. Very VERY rarely have I ever been disappointed in the way my partner looks as they undress, and even if she isn’t perfect, really I would never say anything about it, especially if she is wanting to be intimate with me. It is my goal to make her feel as sexy and desirable and as comfortable as she can be. Really I feel it’s more important to do this outside of the bedroom as well, we all want to feel good about ourselves, and honestly aren’t there enough pressures in the media and on TV making us all feel inadequate? I would like to believe there are more than a few other guys besides me that feel this way. I hope this helps some.

  • Lol, I've actually noticed several push-up bra commercials and they make me laugh; and while they are entertaining, I always think "THAT'S FALSE ADVERTISING!" If you think about it, the premise is kinda shallow, any woman who wears one would seem to have some kind of self-image issue with their breasts, For me, breast size is not a big deal, and I wouldn't hold it against a girl I like who wears them, I'll just say that they aren't necessary. But if you like the way you look with one, then by all means wear them, you likely won't get any protests from guys, lol.

    P.S. I would always put perkiness before size anyways, ( . Y . )

  • Reminds me of a great joke- "Do you know why they call them Wonder Bras? Because when you take them off you wonder where their t*ts went."

    Seriously though, it is a bit of false advertising (I mean how would girls like it guys walked around with a roll of quarters in their pocket) but at the same time, if a guy is only interested in you for your breasts, who cares what he thinks anyway.

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  • lol. that is so funny. yeah love this question.

  • They should just be happy enough to get it off you

  • haha I can't wear them, I rememebr trying one on and it looked like my boobs where up in my face. my boobs are big and perky as they are, so I don't need to wear things like that.

  • I think push ups are great. They don't really make your boobs themselves look bigger, but they increase your cleavage and make you look sexier. Padded bras are extremely fake and I judge any girl who I know wears padded bras or stuffs her bras.

  • i love push up bras lol

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