Push up bras

What do guys think of push up bras and padded bras? Are you disappointed when it comes off and you find out they are not as big or as perky as you expected?


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  • I think it is better to not wear push up bras because they just perpetuate the notion that small breasts are unattractive.

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      I actually agree with you and don't wear them myself but was wondering what guys thought when the bra comes off. I don't have small breasts but I wish I did they look so much better in clothes.

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      I agree, big boob are really hard to work with. They cause a lot of frustration with me trying to find clothes, everything look bad or like you are trying to expose yourself

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      Hey I agree. I have to wear a padded bra actually. It's weird that back in the 60's you seen all shapes and size, but no all girls are generally the same size so it sucks that if I were to go without one people would be like whaa?