When I eat a lot of grapes, I get diarrhea?

Why is it when I eat a lot of grapes, I get diarrhea? does that happen to anyone else? I crave grapes sometimes, and have to live with the consequences.


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  • not all of the sugar in grapes is digestible by you.Some key words for you to look up:"Sugar alcohols" which, undigested, pull additional water along with them due to "osmotic pressure," resulting in liquidy stools.

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  • Yes eating too many grapes can give you diarrhea, just like cherries I believe. Lol you're perfectly normal lol.

  • LOL that's pretty funny. Does it happen when you drink wine as well? well that's just how your body reacts to them! everyone has something that upsets their stomach.

    • Alcohol dehydrates the body. That causes runny poop for a totally different reason. Alcohol inhibits the small intestine from absorbing water, too much water in the intestine means runny poop due to alcohol toxicity. Things can give you the runs without upsetting your stomach.

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    • It just happens. just like my friend that punishes the toilet when he eats cheese. and he loves cheese lol

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  • Eating too many grapes causes a laxative effect.

  • Well, I eat grapes to gain weight.But never did ! Diarrhea upon eating grapes ummm... didn't happen to me.

    • I'm talking about a lot, like a big bowl ful

  • it's because of the natural sugars in the grapes, this wil happen to almost everybody if they eat a ton of fruit, so just try to moderate how much you eat and don't go overboard on the fruit no matter what kind

  • Grapes are like a natural laxative. that's why people eat grapes when they are in hospital, because many get constipated from eating hospital food.

    • I had no idea...i've never been in the hospital.