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Getting teased all the time by coworkers? How to stop it :(

I work in a predominately male work force, and I've worked with these guys for about 6 years. They constantly tease me. I don't initiate it or... Show More

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  • I used to be an EO Officer. I found many people in situations like you. The big thing was always,'if I file, people will treat me different!' There is no room for a hostile environment, everyone should have a good work place. You can do one of 3 things. You can play along and maybe embarrass them, you can file for workforce harassment or you can talk to the individuals separately, let them know its bothering you and that if it continues you will file.

    • thanks for the professional opinion. I just want to be able to go into work, do my job, and associate with my coworkers in a normal manner. But that's my prob. I love these guys, I know there just playing around and I don't want to turn them into HR but I wish they would stop.You do believe this makes it a hostile work environment? I sort of thought so as well. thanks :)

    • I hear what you're saying. You like your coworkers just getting tired of their foolishness. If they are your friends, they'll understand where you're coming from and hopefully chill out.

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  • Its called sexual harrassment..Its illegal and should stop or be reported..It is a felony in some jurisdictions

  • Guy advice: Cut and run. He's trouble. 1:) If he IS looking for an ego boost, why give him one at your expense. 2:) He has a fiance. If he makes ANY move on you, that proves he's cheating scum and not worth your time.Keep fishing. You'll find someone great.


  • My turn to ask you a question:What have you actually done in the past to attempt to get them to cease?

    • I have tried to ignore them. And please believe me I am a very quiet person and keep to myself most times adn I do not encourage it.

    • So, then nothing. "Ignoring" is effectively not attempting to stop them but attempting to control yourself and adapt. The EO guy is right and you should be a tattletale or at least speak up for yourself. No one reacts to inaction. "Ignoring" is inaction.

  • I think it won't stop. How about being sarcastic for a moment with them? That should give them the message.

    • ive tried that and I think it fuels the fire.

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