18 Gorgeous Female Celebrities over the age of 30

The reason why I was inspired to do this myTake was that for the past few months that I spent on Gag, I’ve seen many male opinions saying that women in their 30’s and up were “deteriorated” “Unattractive” and “past their prime” and even worse, I had a GaGer tell me once that I was past my prime while I’m only 20!

Those are the same guys who like to repeat that “Men age like wine, Women age like Milk”. The truth is, that the way you age doesn’t really depend on your gender, in fact I’ve seen plenty of men age extremely badly even starting from their late 20’s (for example losing hair/baldness, getting fatter and hairier… I’m not saying that those are necessarily unattractive traits, but we can’t hide the fact that they are for a good number of women) while I’ve seen women age wonderfully and still looking youthful at 40!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s no mystery that youth is strongly linked to beauty according to our mainstream beauty standards, but I completely disagree when I read comments on how women past their 30’s become unattractive!

The reality is that depending on how you take care of yourself and many other factors such as lifestyle (Alcohol, Substance abuse, fitness…) and sometimes with the help of genetics, you can still look as beautiful in your 40’s as you did in your 20’s.

So here is a list of some gorgeous celebrities in their 30’s and up, and who are here to prove you that a woman can still be stunningly beautiful even if she’s “older than 20”.

PS: I chose pictures of events rather than photoshoots, and most of these pictures are from 2015 (except for 2 picture that are from 2014).

1- Shakira, 38

18 Gorgeous Female Celebrities over the age of 30.

2- Sofia Vergara, 43

3- Gabrielle Union, 43

4- Tuba Büyüküstün, 33

5- Jessica Alba, 34

5- Halle Berry, 49

6- Paula Patton, 40

7- Anne Hathaway, 33

8- Adriana Lima, 34

9- Maggie Q, 36

10 - Jennifer Lopez, 46

11- Alessandra Ambrioso, 34

12- Gisele Bündchen, 35

13 - Aishwarya Rai, 42

14- Salma Hayek, 49

16- Rachel Weisz, 45

17- Lucie Liu, 47

18- Monica Bellucci, 51

In conclusion, the way you age doesn't depend on your gender. It depends on many other factors (mainly lifestyle and genetics). Some Men age well/bad and some Women age/well bad. Tadaaa!!!

Example of a man who aged well:

Example of a man who did age like Milk:

Example of a woman who aged not so well: Lindsay Lohan

Oh why Lindsay!!! You were such a beauty! :(
That's why kids, you should stay away from drugs!

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What Guys Said 35

  • Oh ya most of those girls are way hot. Shakira, Vergara, Alba for sure! omgg

  • I actually agree with you. It is too simplistic to generalize beauty based on age alone as both genetics and the lifestyle choices of the individual play a role. Furthermore, assuming an older person is already married, ideally you would always come to see that person as gorgeous since you love them.

    In either case, I would offer another example of an extremely attractive woman over the age of 30:

    Marisa Miller
    She is California's finest, and makes me proud of my state.

  • fucking love the shit out of Rachel


  • Rachel Weisz woww

  • Great take - All the women are beautiful a few of my personal favourites
    Elle McPherson 51
    Claudia Schiffer 45
    And lastly the irrepressible Helen Mirren at 70

    • I hope I look like that fit and young at 51

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    • @Sexualchrist She might be getting old now but she was always the famous attractive older woman example for years - On refection you are probably right to a 46 year old 70 doesn't seem that much older but it must seem like another century to a 29 year old.

    • Still 24 years older than you to be fair. 40 years older than me though so you're probably right.

  • 3mo

    u have better taste in women then men, sorry :-D

  • I'm sure once they take off their makeup they would look significantly older looking.

  • I agree with all of those, and especially with the one of Lucie Liu. She's my one cheat girl that I've chosen in my marriage.

  • I agree with all of these

  • Any man who really thinks a 20 year old is "past her prime" is being ridiculous and slightly creepy.

    Most studies I've seen suggest that women were seen as being at their most beautiful at the age of 30 or so.

  • At some point women will realize men aren't obsessed with their beauty as they assume it to be.

  • I like younger women, but I LOVE older women. They are hotter in my eyes.

  • Fantastic take and here is my pic. I always loved this lady.
    57 and still gorgeous.

  • Ummm... Those women require heaps of makeup and plastic surgery to look passable.

    Sorry, all you did was prove our point.

    Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez look particularly hideous.

  • But what would they actually look like without image editing, kilos of makeup and plastic surgery?

    Number 4 looks fairly good, the others are showing signs of ageing. I'm sure they all would have looked better at 19.

    • It's not about them looking young, it's about them being beautiful despite their wrinkles and age. Every one looka better younger women and men.
      The picture I chose are not photoshoots, as I mentioned it in the Take it's pictures from events, so no editing...

    • Surgery is editing. You really can't count celebrities. They get a lot more help than the average person. That said, your general point is well-taken: there are lots and lots of women who look great in their 30s/40s/50s and even older.

  • Rachel Weisz is looking the goods!

  • If you say so...

    You ladies don't have photoshop, lighting, make up, money for plastic surgeons and personal trainers. 30-35 hits you like grim death. Find a guy and hang on to him until you suck the life out of him and he dies 10 years before you do.

  • HALLE BERRY IS 49... GABRIELLE UNION IS 43! GOD DAMN BLACK REALLY DONT CRACK. The other women look really good too!

  • Agree completely!
    I'd add Gwen Stefani 46 and Ming-Na Wen 52 to the list

  • Don't forget Raquel Welch, who's somehow still hot at 70.

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