How to Plan a Dream Wedding Using Instagram

Are you getting married soon? Your best man, maid of honor and even a wedding planner can be a massive help when planning your big day, but Instagram is also an awesome source for finding all those essential things that make a wedding memorable. From finding ideas for wedding dresses and flowers to inspiration for venues and cakes, these expert posts can elevate your celebration to beyond special. To help you get your big-day ideas or wedding fantasies flowing, we found a few experts that you should definitely check out if you're searching for the absolute wedding essentials.

How to Plan a Dream Wedding Using Instagram

Wedding Dress Store: @kleinfeldbridal

The famous store Kleinfeld, from TLC's show 'Say Yes to the Dress' has great ideas for trending wedding gowns, shoes, and accessories.

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Bridesmaid Dress Store: @weddingtonway

This is a treasure trove of ideas for your bride's maids party. You and your party can find everything dress related, from trends to classics.

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Wedding Jewelry/Accessories: @baublebar

Check out the sparkly world of BaubleBar! Every woman loves affordable and trendy jewelry that adds some fun to a long day.

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Wedding Florist: @amy_merrick

A NYC-based floral designer named Amy Merrick is always snapping images of her lovely botanical creations where you can get ideas from for your florist to try.

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Wedding Nails: @jinsoonchoi

Jinsoon Choi's is a nail artist who is creating new nail art designs and nail polish colors. Look at killer hues and patterns you can emulate on your day.

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Wedding Hair: @thebeautydept

The official blog co-founded by Lauren Conrad, called The Beauty Departmenthas tons of mini beauty tutorials, aspirational hair images, and interesting make-up looks for your bridal party.

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Wedding Stationery: @weddingpaperdivas

Pretty wedding stationery is key if you want people to RSVP and get excited about your day. Wedding Paper Divas' creates fun invites that do just that.

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Wedding Desserts: @laelcakes

For vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free cakes, then your go-to expert for delicious desserts is Lael Cakes, filled with beautiful cakes and flowers.

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Wedding Photographer: @joelserrato

If you love romantic black and white images, Joel Serrato has plenty of ideas for poses and shots taken from real weddings, of couples and venues.

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Wedding Details and Décor: @junebugweddings

This online wedding magazine has lots of planning ideas for brides of every style—bohemian, DIY, modern, you name it. Find your style and theme!

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Everyone loves a wedding, even if it's not your own. If you want more advice and sources for cool ideas for your wedding day, then why not check out our mytake on Top 50 wedding blogs?

What are your wedding essentials? What kind of wedding would you have?

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  • I agree! Rule nothing out when it comes to researching for your wedding. Of course, the internet is a great tool, but you need to use your creativity and allow the creativity and ideas from others spark more research. And don't forget your groom. Listen to what he wants and include him on things so that he can enjoy the day too. Traditionally, western weddings are all about the bride, but men often can't stand weddings, and it's usually because they have no say. Let him have some input, and no one knows you better than your fiancé so he might be the best person to get ideas from.


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What Guys Said 4

  • The funny thing is that when you get older your going to look back and say "we should have eloped or at least had a very tiny wedding". The big wedding is overpriced and over done. It is only for the bride and the mothers of the bride and groom. It is a huge waste of money, time and effort. Save the money for a down payment on a house. You will be much happier.

    • You're right. The wedding is just an overpriced party if you really think about it. I definitely understand and respect any cultural traditions surrounding weddings, and that's the only reason I had one. But it can be done at city hall, in and out. Have a small party with family later on. That's all you really need.

    • right. We did the big shindig. but when my ex and I were going through the divorce she wanted she brought up issues with the wedding. I am like really? that was 20 freaking years ago. All I did was show up. I just wanted to marry her, I could not care less then i did about the rest. I would not ever do that again. i would also urge my kids to have a small wedding and then have a theme party later to celebrate. Like my sister is big into Halloween . When she got married the first time they didn't have a reception. A year later, they had a big Halloween party to celebrate it.

  • weddings only benefit the woman.

  • Christ this is depressing.

  • Why is the wedding always about the bride? Does the groom get a say so?


What Girls Said 10

  • My kind of wedding would be at city hall, I don't want all that stuff. If wanted something more intimate then city hall, it would just be some family at a location me and said guy decide on. Maybe the beach or something. All I know, is I don't want all that stress. Especially, since I'm more about the marriage itself and not the wedding. The wedding just gets you hitched but it doesn't keep you married, but the foundation of the marriage does. So, that's what I care about most.

  • i wanna get married here. i just need to find myself a billionaire who can rent out this friggin island/castle hahaha

  • Well I don't plan these things! If you knew me well you know that I wait for the last minute to do anything. I might not even have a wedding simple because I don't want to and I probably never going to get married.

  • Wedding essentials:
    - maid of honor? not checked
    - bridesmaides? not checked
    - groom? not checked

    I'm just gonna get 8 dogs.

  • 2|0
  • Nice take. Pinterest is really all of instagram times a million though.

  • I'll stick with Pinterest.

    It's my bae ❤️❤️

  • Cool :-)
    Good planning for the wedding is important to me.

  • That's nice

  • Pinterest is also great for wedding plan.